A Day in the Life – December 2014

Each day there are moments where we all get an opportunity to connect to the Dharma and transform our minds. For the Abbey community, small events in the course of our life together help us to do that.

Singapore 2014 – December 2014

Venerable Thubten Chodron has a deep connection with Dharma students in Singapore. In December she returned, supported by Venerable Thubten Damcho, to offer teachings in several venues. As always, the kindness of the Singaporeans enveloped both Abbey venerables throughout their stay.

In an email update, Venerable Thubten Damcho shared this story: At the end of the weekend retreat, it was raining heavily. A couple coming for the final session found a little kitten in a drain, almost about to drown, and brought her in. Folks tried to help the kitty dry off and feed her, and they brought her to Venerable Thubten Chodron for a blessing.

Of course, Venerable fell in love with the cat, named her Upekkha (Equanimity), and carried her in a blue blanket into the final session on ignorance, where the kitty rested for the entire time. In the end, a young girl stepped forward to adopt Upekkha and take her home.

“We are so much like this cat,” Venerable Thubten Damcho observed, “drowning in cyclic existence, rescued solely by the compassion of our kind teachers and other sentient beings!”

Dharma Life – December 2014

Sharing the Dharma with so many people in the course of a year is one of the benefits of living at the Abbey. With 2014 coming to an end, the Abbey community opened its hearts and doors to the year’s final Sharing the Dharma Day and hosted a Lama Tsongkhapa Day celebration that included a candlelight vigil and meditation in memory of the victims of gun violence, including the children that died in 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Many people came and many were touched by the ways in which the Buddha teaches us to transform our minds into the qualities of wisdom and compassion.

A Day of Community Thanks – December 2014

The Abbey shared Thanksgiving Day with our long-term guests as well as some of the local young people from Youth Emergency Services and their families. The main course was a 38-pound squash, and we also enjoyed many other vegetarian delights. Rachel, one of our young friends, said it was her best Thanksgiving ever.

Nyung Ne Retreat – November 2014

Once again, the Abbey community offered the powerful Nyung Ne retreat. It is a beautiful practice to Chenrezig, the Buddha of compassion, that focuses on intense purification of lifetimes of destructive karma. Ten Dharma friends joined the community for a weekend that included prostrations, offerings, and meditations on emptiness.

The joy and lightness one feels after this retreat is remarkable. All of us feel a renewed commitment to our Dharma practice and to developing our capacity for greater compassion in our lives.

Autumn Abbey Life – November 2014

As winter arrives, the Abbey community and its guests continue to offer service in many ways. The joy on our faces says it all. What’s the reason for those smiling faces? Benefiting others as we help to sustain the Abbey.

A New Book Arrives! – November 2014

There was much joy when the first box of Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions—a brand new book by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Venerable Thubten Chodron arrived at the Abbey. While recently attending teachings in New York, Venerable Thubten Chodron had an opportunity to give a hard-cover copy to His Holiness. You can learn more about the book here. Order from Wisdom Publications  or Amazon.

Sharing the Dharma Day – November 2014

Drawing from Venerable Thubten Chodron’s book, Don’t Believe Everything You Think, November’s Sharing the Dharma Day (SDD) focused on developing love and compassion as an antidote to anger. People from all over the Northwest—and all parts of the world—shared in the aspiration to develop kind hearts and be of benefit to others. Is there a better way to spend a beautiful autumn day?

Abbey Autumn – October 2014

Compassion and Parting from the Four Clingings – September 2014

This year’s week-long retreat compassion combined meditation on Chenrezig—Buddha of Compassion—with teachings from “Parting from the Four Clingings” by Drakpa Gyaltsen. The text clearly outlines the things that keep us in samsara and what liberates us, and Venerable Thubten Chodron’s explanation was powerful. The beautiful weather, wonderful teachings, and sincere retreatants made for an excellent retreat. The teachings are on line here. Come join us next year!

September Sharing the Dharma Day – September 2014

When things don’t go your way, what do you do? That was the topic of this month’s Sharing the Dharma Day. Venerable Thubten Chodron’s talk inspired us to leave the “pity party” and practice like a bodhisattva by following the advice of Togmay Zangpo: “Without discouragement take on the pain of all living beings.”

Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe’s Return – September 2014

Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe returned to the Abbey to continue teachings on Aryadeva’s 400 Stanzas on the Middle Way. Geshe-la is a brilliant scholar, and he illuminated these wise verses in a way that everyone could understand. Joshua Cutler was his excellent English-language interpreter. We’ve already made our request: Please Geshe-la, return next year to teach us more on this extraordinary Mahayana text!

Sharing the Dharma Day – August 2014

The Abbey monastics love the monthly opportunity to share the Dharma with our local friends. Here are scenes from the August Sharing the Dharma Day.

10th Annual Exploring Monastic Life – August 2014

For the tenth year in a row the Abbey hosted a sincere group who wanted to explore their heartfelt aspirations and find out what monastic life is like. The resident monastics and guests all enjoyed themselves and learned a lot from each other.

Inspired by H.E. Dagmo Kusho Sakya – August 2014

Sravasti Abbey recently had the honor of hosting H.E. Dagmo Kusho who, for four days, taught on a variety of subjects: refuge, “The King of Prayers,” Manjushri practice, and the sur (aroma offering) practice. She delighted us with her humor, devotion, and practical wisdom.

Volunteer Appreciation Day – July 2014

Volunteer Appreciation Day is a yearly event at which Abbey residents express our gratitude to all the volunteers, near and far, who enable the Abbey to do all it does to benefit others.

Four Noble Truths Retreat – July 2014

Recently the Abbey held a weekend retreat where Venerable Chodron taught on the 4 Noble Truths (The 4 Truths of the Aryas). During the teachings, meditations, and discussions, all of us enjoyed the wisdom and enthusiasm of Ven. Chodron, the sangha and each other.

Summer Days, Dharma Days – July 2014

With summer officially here, the Abbey is teeming with Dharma activities, and guests arrive almost daily to spend time with the community. Whether working in the garden, visiting with guests, or meditating on the teachings, the opportunity to cultivate a compassionate and wise heart is always present.

Those Wonderful Y.E.S. Teens – July 2014

The Abbey was delighted when six teens and the office manager from Youth Emergency Services, a local organization that supports homeless teens, came to the Abbey for a day of offering service. As soon as they arrived, we all jumped into the old Chevy and headed to the forest to load firewood and transplant baby cedar trees.

There was some tree hugging as well as running down our beautiful meadow with lots of laughter and kinship. The kids have much courage and determination to face many of life’s challenges and still smile and hope for the future. The Abbey community is very inspired and wants to make this a yearly event that benefits everyone.

Guy Newland Visits the Abbey – June 2014

Professor Guy Newland, one of Tibetan Buddhism’s pre-eminent Western scholars and translators, recently spent time at the Abbey. In many different venues, with a variety of audiences, Guy adjusted his talks to resonate with his audiences in a very skillful way. The fundamental thread through all of them was by having a wise and compassionate heart we can indeed affect positive change in our own lives and by extension the world.

A Day of Much Joy and Sharing – June 2014

It seems like only yesterday that the Abbey community decided to build the much-needed Chenrezig Hall to accommodate the increasing number of guests. Now, almost 2 years later, the hall is functioning as a multi–purpose facility to support the sharing of the Dharma.

Over 70 guests and community gathered to bless and consecrate Chenrezig Hall, to make offerings, and to share in a potluck lunch. May all beings benefit from all the virtue created at the Abbey now and in the future.

Our Singapore Friends – June 2014

For over 25 years Venerable Thubten Chodron has been the spiritual mentor of many Singaporean students. After she started the Abbey, they continued to serve their teacher in many ways that include financial support and dedicated practice. Four families—including six children—traveled from Asia to help consecrate Chenrezig Hall and spend time with the community. It was a precious time of great joy, practice, and sharing as they enjoyed seeing in person the fruits of their support.

Those Amazing Young Adults – June 2014

The 9th annual Young Adults Explore Buddhism drew seven people between the ages of 21 and 27 to spend the week receiving teachings, gathering for group discussions with Venerable Thubten Chodron, offering service, and participating in the Abbey’s community life.

During the weeklong program they shared their good hearts, amazing willingness, flexibility, and curiosity about the Dharma. The Abbey community feels very nourished and touched by their presence.

Statue Consecration – May 2014

Once they were hollow inside, but now after months of preparation, the Abbey’s beautiful Kuan Yin and other statues were filled and consecrated this past week.

During the day it took to fill them, the community and friends chanted mantras and imagined each of the statues being filled with the wisdom, compassion and skillful means of all the Buddhas.

How to See Yourself as You Really Are – May 2014

For the third year in a row, Venerable Thubten Chodron gave teachings on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s book How to See Yourself as You Really Are. About 35 people attended the 3-day course and the attendees were very focused and enthusiastic. Offering service opportunities gave many a chance to get some exercise and help out in the garden. Venerable Thubten Chodron’s commentary will continue next year and many are eager to return.

Joy in Life – May 2014

Practicing the Dharma in order to transform our minds into joy and courage can be hard work, but the benefits to ourselves and to others are enormous. After a while the joy remains for longer periods of time as we integrate the Buddha’s teachings into our lives. With joy the practice deepens and our interactions with everyone we meet are imbued with our goodwill.

Spring Offerings – May 2014

With a rainy early spring and a warm sunny late spring, the profusion of flowers, grasses, and wildlife in the gardens and meadows at the Abbey brings joy and gratitude to the mind.

Sharing the Dharma Day – May 2014

Since the end of the winter retreat, when our public Dharma events are put on hold, record number of guests have been filling Chenrezig Hall and the Meditation Hall for our monthly Sharing the Dharma Days.

Dharma Friends – May 2014

The Buddhist monastic communities in the West are young compared to the sangha communities of Asia, and support and encouragement among us is important during this crucial time. Recently, Sravasti Abbey and Abhayagiri Monastery, a community of Theravada monks, exchanged visits when we helped to plant trees at the Old Gold Mine (OGM) hermitage in north-central Washington. The next day, some of the monks and their lay friends visited the Abbey and took a tour of our facilities.

The Tradition of the Kathina – April 2014

For nearly 2600 years Buddhist monastic communities have marked the end of the annual rains retreat (or snows retreat) with a beautiful ceremony—the kathina—in which lay supporters offer robes and other gifts to the Sangha. This year, Sravasti Abbey celebrated this ancient tradition for the first time.

This act of giving the kathina symbolizes the interdependence of the Sangha and the lay community: the Sangha share the Dharma to benefit others, and the laity sustain the Sangha by offering the four requisites for life—food, clothing, medicine, and shelter.

The day was filled with heart-felt sharing and a deep sense of gratitude.

Chenrezig’s Jewels – April 2014

Stained-glass artist Beverly Brecht continues to work on the window of 1000-Armed Chenrezig for the Chenrezig Hall dining room. Take a look at her progress!

First Pravarana – April 2014

The Abbey monastic community completed our first three-month varsa retreat with our first pravarana, establishing the third of three monastic rites required to qualify as a fully functioning sangha community.

During the varsa there is great emphasis on community harmony, so we deliberately suspend the usual sangha practices of helping each other by admonishing faults. Pravarana means “invitation,” and this end-of-retreat ritual re-opens the door and invites feedback from others. Everyone has a chance to confess and clear up any old business beforehand—a beautiful process of building trust and cohesion in the community.

Abbey monastics were moved to enact the rituals practiced since the Buddha’s time and inspired to establish them—in English—for contemporary Western monastics.