Singapore — December 2017

30 years have passed since Ven. Chodron was first sent by her teachers to Amitabha Buddhist Centre in Singapore, and the Dharma connection she shares with her friends and students in Singapore remains deep. She returned this year for 10 days of teachings, with participants faithfully following the talks from one venue to the next. Amidst a full schedule of talks, she also found time to connect with nuns’ communities in Singapore to discuss the Dharma and Vinaya.

Holiday Cheer – December 2017

Youth Emergency Services (Y.E.S.) in Newport, Washington cares and advocates for homeless and at-risk youth in our rural county. The small house that serves as the main Y.E.S. office and counseling center has become a safe and warm environment for the teens to come after school to do homework and connect during unsettled times.

Once again, this year Y.E.S. co–sponsored a Christmas party along with the local Masonic Temple. More than 100 family members, teens, supporters, and friends attended including Abbey residents. The families shared an evening of pizza and dessert, Christmas carols, and a visit from Santa. The families also received gifts purchased and donated by dozens of supporters including 30 friends of the Abbey. It was a delight to see the smiles of joy on the faces of the children, teens and parents.

Special Day at the Abbey — December 2017

On the final Sharing the Dharma Day of 2017, we commemorated two very important events: Lama Tsongkhapa Day, commemorating the life and contribution of one of Tibet’s greatest yogi-scholars, and the 5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Ven. Semkye gave the Dharma talk, both rejoicing that the Dharma exists in the world and inviting compassion for the confusion and pain of cyclic existence. Events of the day nourished the truth that the human heart is fundamentally kind as guests and residents shared their personal commitment to creating peace in a chaotic world.

Malaysia – December 2017

Ven. Chodron’s Asian travels took her to Malaysia where she has taught many times since 1987. The Young Buddhist Association Malaysia and her long-time students invited her to Kuala Lumpur and Penang, where she had a rich 12 days of sharing the Dharma. She rejoiced in the flourishing of Dharma communities and networks in Malaysia.

Winter Arrives — December 2017

As winter arrives the Abbey community continues to share and practice the Dharma at home and away. Currently Vens. Losang and Pende are in Taiwan for full ordination, Vens. Chodron and Damcho are traveling to Asia and other Abbey sangha are studying and sharing the Dharma on the road as well. The Abbey community at home continues to bring the Dharma alive in its care of the beautiful environment and for all who come.

Ven. Chodron’s Nov-Dec Asia Tour – December 2017

In late November, Ven. Chodron embarked on an ambitious four-week Asian tour with a full schedule of teachings in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. She will give several media interviews, and meet with different Sangha groups and devoted lay students. Venerable has a special Dharma connection with many students in these countries. She is accompanied by Ven. Damcho who is becoming skilled in Chinese translation

Nyung Ne Retreat — November 2017

Fifteen residents and guests spent Thanksgiving weekend engaged in the nyung-ne practice—a powerful two-day purification retreat with Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion. The practice includes meditation on Thousand-Arm Chenrezig and recitation of his mantras, full prostrations, fasting, making offerings and reciting Praise to Chenrezig. Nine brave participants continued with a second nyung-ne. Coming out of retreat, participants were overjoyed with a deepened sense of clarity and compassion as a result of their practice.

Prajna Cottage Update – November 2017

Mother Nature is giving the Prajna Cottage construction crew a little break with unseasonably warm temperatures. As a result, Eric and Brandon are able to get the siding done and the painters finished the interior walls quickly. Now more detailed interior work begins as the crew install cabinets, bathroom tile and fixtures. Day by day it’s beginning to look like a cottage.

Buddhism: One Teacher Many Traditions — November 2017

For a third year, Ven. Thubten Chodron gave beautiful, clear and accessible commentary on His Holiness’s book that she co-authored. Topics covered similarities and differences of the Pali and Sanskrit traditions regarding the four immeasurables, bodhicitta, Buddha nature and tantra. Venerable skillfully explained how core practices and tenets of the different traditions complement each other without contradiction. May we all realize the precious Dharma in our mind streams in order to be of the greatest benefit to all beings.

The Radiance of the Impermanent — November 2017

Although we are unaware of the subtle impermanence of ourselves and our environment changing moment by moment, the Abbey garden foliage and autumn skies seemed to reveal this phenomena before our very eyes. Enjoy….

Celebrating 40 years of Ordination — November 2017

Ven. Chodron celebrated 40 years of monastic life with over 70 community members and guests as well as many well-wishers from around the globe. The day began by offering a long mandala to Venerable to thank her for teaching the Dharma far and wide, followed by a Cittamani Tara Puja. After a potluck feast, we shared stories from students all around the world, and performed the now famous Abbey skits and songs, filling the day with joy and gratitude. May our precious teacher have a long and happy life and continue to benefit countless sentient beings!

Autumn at the Abbey — October 2017

The season is changing, the days are growing shorter, yet Dharma at the Abbey continues at a full clip. With Venerable’s teachings in Sandpoint, visits from a local high school, and the final chapters of Āryadeva’s 400 Stanzas supported by technology—the Dharma continues to flow through our lives and the lives of all who wish to connect to it.

Offering Service with Joy — October 2017

The October offering service Saturday was gorgeous, and the crew of volunteers made great headway in the forest-thinning project including stacking lots of firewood, filling the wood room in Ananda Hall, and doing fall cleanup in the garden. Thanks to all of you for your great enthusiasm and effort.

A Day in the Life at the Abbey — October 2017

Reverend Gen Heywood—a Methodist minister and Abbey friend—recently brought her photographer’s eye and joy to capture a day in the life of the Abbey community. With black and white photography, Gen has captured the beauty of practice arising in myriad forms in the course of a day. Whether resident or a guest, all is Dharma and a cause for creating much merit when done with a bodhicitta motivation. Here are some of Gen’s precious gems.

Travels with Venerable Chodron — October 2017

Venerable Chodron recently traveled to the East Coast to share the Dharma. Shantideva Center out of NYC invited her to speak at Garrison Institute where she taught from “Practical Ethics and Profound Emptiness.” While in NY, she visited Tibet House and connected with friend, Robert Thurman, and others, and also found time to visit a beautiful Chinese temple.

Prajna House Update — October 2017

Prajna House continues to go to scale! Rapid improvements are being made by the day – soffits, windows and doors are in place, the cement patio was poured, and electrical wiring is complete.

Prajna House Update — September 2017

There is nothing like constructing a building to see how dependent arising works. Day by day, the causes and conditions and numerous parts come together for the new Abbess residence—the merely labeled ‘Prajna House.’ Many of the causes and conditions that are not as apparent—the generosity, prayers and practices of hundreds of people around the world—support this project, as well as the Abbey’s long-term goal for the flourishing of Dharma in the West. Thank you all!

Geshe Dadul Returns — September 2017

In September, Geshe Dadul returned to continue teaching a favorite topic—Madhyamika Through Metaphors. With the Three Principal Aspects of the Path as the basis, he brought profound Madhyamika philosophy to life for fortunate participants. Geshela open our minds with engaging lectures, clever PowerPoint slides, and informal Q & A’s—interjected with current scientific theories. Meditation sessions and forest walks supported our integration. A most amazing weekend!

Dependent Arising — September 2017

It quickly becomes apparent for anyone spending time at Sravasti Abbey how its growth and capacity is nourished by many, many people. Everywhere you look residents and guests are collaborating, helping to keep the Abbey and the Dharma flourishing. It is a dependent arising of many causes conditions, parts and minds that conceive and label it Sravasti Abbey.

Concentration Retreat — September 2017

Fifty-six people attended the annual Labor Day Concentration retreat, aspiring to learn more about developing concentration—our largest group retreat to date. Ven. Chodron covered ethical conduct and its crucial role in developing concentration as well as body posture and the relationship between breath, body and mind. Motivated by bodhicitta, our minds and hearts gradually became imbued with the healing image of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Abbey Life in Summer — August 2017

We have many visitors during the summer months. The Abbey community takes great joy in focusing on bodhicitta while spending time with guests and caring for the Abbey. After all, what better way to spend our lives as sangha members than trying to benefit others?

Community Day at Hayden Lake — August 2017

Sarah and Doug hosted the Sravasti Abbey community at Hayden Lake for a well-earned day of rest. Abbey residents swam in the lake while others sought the quiet of kayaking or reading under a tree. Sarah and Doug offered a delicious nourishing lunch and the community returned home full of gratitude for the genuine kindness, generosity and Dharma friendship that we shared.

Offering Service Saturday — August 2017

The Abbey community and lay supporters together have made quick work of many summer and fall projects during Offering Service Saturdays. Huge inroads were seen in the extensive forest thinning project, sprucing up all gardens and paths, and prepping apples Sravasti Abbey’s famous applesauce—each an impressive example of dependent arising and joyous effort. Thanks to all our supporters for giving the sangha a helping hand!

The Fruits of Exploring Monastic Life — August 2017

As Exploring Monastic Life draws to a close, the benefits of immersing ourselves in the Dharma becomes more apparent. A supportive and caring closeness developed from practicing, listening to teachings, offering service and sharing meals together. Our mission is accomplished as “explorers” depart with more clarity and understanding of their own minds and of their aspirations for monastic life guided by the Three Jewels.

Exploring Monastic Life 2017 — August 2017

For the 13th consecutive year, Sravasti Abbey opens its doors to those with aspirations to ordain. During Exploring Monastic Life (EML) participants spend the day together offering service, listening to teachings by Ven. Chodron, and sharing their challenges and joys in a daily group discussion. The schedule and program give them an opportunity to look at their minds in relation to their Dharma practice and their deepest wishes.

Prajna House Update — August 2017

Now that the infrastructure—the slab, electrical, water and septic tie-ins are—done, Ven. Chodron’s new residence is starting to take shape. Faswall blocks were placed and filled with concrete. Next, contractors framed the lower interior walls. Watch for future photos of the second floor and interior framing.

Bhikshuni Sangye Khadro Visits the Abbey — July 2017

Ven. Sangye Khadro, one of the first westerners ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, made her first visit to Sravasti Abbey. She led a wonderful retreat on The Art of Transforming Suffering, giving many practical Dharma tools for responding to the challenges we are guaranteed to meet on any given day. Afterwards, she spent a week with the community supporting Ven. Chodron by helping to edit her newest book project, practicing with us, and taking questions about monastic life from the community. We hope Ven. Khadro will return many times to share her wonderful wisdom and kindness

Ordination at the Abbey — July 2017

The Sravasti Abbey sangha continues to grow with Hsiao Yin taking novice and shiksamana ordination and Christina taking the anagarika training precepts. Six members of the Chinese bhikshuni and bhikshu sangha came in full support for the ceremony. Hsiao Yin’s new name is Thubten Pema—Thubten meaning the Able One’s teachings and Pema means lotus. Photographer Gen Heywood recorded the ceremony.

Sangha Life — July 2017

It is rare and precious to live as part of the Abbey sangha. Every day brings opportunities to transform the mind into joy and courage. And no two days—nor any two moments—are ever the same. How we work with the ever-changing nature of life determines our ability to grow—to become flexible, wise, and open hearted to each other and those who come to visit. Thus, we begin to recognize that ordained life indeed is a treasure. Photographer Gen Heywood beautifully captures sangha life. All photos in this gallery are Gen’s unless otherwise noted. See more Abbey life photos on Facebook 

Our Hope for the Future — July 2017

Most of the folks that visit the Abbey are wonderful with sincere intentions and kind hearts. This is no more evident than when the young adults come for a week to explore Buddhism together. For the 12th year, Sravasti Abbey was nourished and invigorated by a group of 19-28 year olds who are kind, joyful, hard-working, and wish to contribute to peace in the world. We are reassured that the world will be in good hands with these young seekers of truth.

July Sharing the Dharma Day — July 2017

The July Sharing the Dharma Day was like a Dharma family reunion, drawing a number of old friends we hadn’t seen in a while. There were regulars attended and a few first-timers too, totaling 50-plus people for the day. Ven. Chodron gave a stirring talk on how setting a clear motivation brings our Dharma practice to even the most mundane tasks. The following week, a crowd of volunteers gathered for Offering Service Saturday.

Summer Vacation with White Tara — July 2017

A crowd of earnest practitioners meditated together for the one-week White Tara Retreat. Ven. Chodron gave teachings on “The Eight Dangers,” a beautiful poem by the First Dalai Lama, as well as on the practice. White Tara’s specialty is to increase long-life, merit, and wisdom, all qualities we need to help us progress along the path.

15th Sakyadhita International Conference — July 2017

Vens. Semkye and Jampa attended the 15th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women in Hong Kong, joining 700-900 Buddhist lay and monastic women from around the world. The conference included a week of presentations, workshops, meditation, practice and cultural events. It was empowering to be in the presence of such bright, enthusiastic, inspiring women who live the Dharma so fully. Ven. Jampa shares about the conference in this post. See Olivier Adam’s beautiful conference photos here.

Journey to Portland — June 2017

Venerables Losang and Pende, Hsiao Yin, and Christina attended a special visit by Jangtse Choje Rinpoche—soon to be the new Ganden Tripa—at Maitripa College in Portland June 22-24. Rinpoche led a refuge ceremony Friday evening and a Vajrasattva empowerment and tsog Saturday afternoon.

Glorious Spring – June 2017

As the Abbey Dharma season of programs and retreats unfolds, the community takes time to notice the small beautiful examples of the fleeting nature of life. The garden, forest, and yes, even the guests arise and cease due to causes and conditions. They last only a while and then are gone. Deepening our understanding of impermanence grows our gratitude for what we have in the ever-changing present moment and impels us to use this time for awakening.

Offering Service Saturday – June 2017

Offering Service Saturday
A hardy crew converged on the Abbey garden and forest during our monthly offering service Saturday. The Abbey’s first harvest of bok choy and arugula came to the kitchen. In the forest, we hauled out trailer-loads of new firewood and brought dead, woody material to the burn pile. The joyous effort was contagious as we worked together in harmony.

How to See Yourself as You Really Are – May 2017

For the 6th year in a row Ven. Chodron skillfully unpacks His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s extraordinary book, How to See Yourself as You Really Are. Although the teachings on emptiness are difficult to understand, the retreatants were fully engaged and inspired. Many participants said how this weekend deepened their commitment to study the wisdom side of the path.

Land Blessing – May 2017

The excavation for Prajna House is about to begin and the Abbey community and friends took time to bless the land. An altar was set up, incense was lit and the group chanted Tara’s mantra as they circumambulated around the site. May many beings benefit from this new home and may the Dharma spread far and wide through the books write.

Abbey in Spring – May 2017

Visitors sometime say that Sravasti Abbey is a pure land on Earth. A rainy spring has given way to a lush profusion of stunning greenery and fragrant flowers that inspires us to make offerings to the Three Jewels. The community continues to learn and grow, to share the Dharma, and to take care of this spiritual home of all living beings.

Dr. Jan Willis Teaches on Three Principal Aspects of the Path – May 2017

Dr. Jan Willis, a Dharma friend of Ven. Chodron’s for many decades, made her first trip to the Abbey. She brought her remarkable Dharma joy and delighted us with amazing stories of her teacher, Lama Yeshe’s great compassion and kindness. She also offered heart-felt advice on how to bring renunciation, bodhicitta, and wisdom more alive in our daily practice. We enthusiastically invited Professor Willis to return many times.

Russian Dharma – May 2017

Ven. Chodron ended her European tour with a week near Moscow, hosted by Ven. Tenzin, Ven. Tenpa, and the Friends of Sravasti Abbey-Russia. The public talks on karma were well-attended and she enjoyed leading the retreat on Amitabha, Buddha of Infinite Light. She talks about her time in Russia on this Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner video.

Ven. Tsepal in Mexico – May 2017

Ven. Tsepal traveled to Mexico at the invitation of the Centro Khamlungpa and the Langri Tangpa Study Group. She gave a full program of teachings in both centers, including two weekend retreats: the Four Establishments of Mindfulness in Guadalajara and Working with Destructive Emotions in Veracruz. Hear some of the talks—in English with Spanish translation—here.

The Kathina Ceremony – May 2017

Abbey monastics finished up our final “snows retreat” rites with the yearly kathina ceremony, where the lay community offers a “robe of merit” to the sangha. Long-term friend and supporter Ken Mondal offered the robe on behalf of all friends of Sravasti Abbey. A joyful group processed from Chenrezig Hall to the Meditation Hall, where Ven. Tarpa received the robe on behalf of the fully ordained bhikshuni sangha. Then, in a private ceremony, the sangha awarded the “robe of merit” to Ven. Semkye.

Creating Karma in Frankfurt – May 2017

Germany was the next stop on Ven. Chodron’s European teaching tour. She returned to Tibethaus-Frankfurt (Tibet House) for a public talk and weekend workshop on Good Karma: How to Create the Causes for Happiness and Avoid the Causes of Suffering, referring to her book of the same title. It was a joyful reunion of new and old friends joined together to discover how to apply the thought-training teachings in daily life.

Compassion in Challenging Times – April

Thirty-five people gathered for this community-led retreat to explore compassion: what it is, how to develop it, and how to work with our inner obstacles. Many came because of the retreat’s title and quite a few were new to Buddhism. Vens. Chonyi and Samten gave the talks, while other Abbey monastics led meditations and group discussion. The whole community harmoniously offered the Dharma together, and the receptive guests responded warmly. We left with more tools and a greater commitment to develop the precious mind of compassion.

Spring Teaching Tour – April

Ven. Chodron’s spring teaching tour took her first to the East Coast, where she spent a week with students and faculty of Smith College, then proceeded to the Kurukulla Center near Boston for a weekend of teachings. From there she traveled to Pomaia, Italy and Istituto Lama Tsongkhapa.

Founded by her teachers Lama Yeshe and Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 1977, the institute offers in-depth study programs of Buddhist philosophy and psychology. Ven. Chodron directed the center’s spiritual program in its early days. During her warmly welcomed return, she gave teachings to the resident sangha as well as talks and workshops for the general public. Next stop: Frankfurt.

Spring Has Sprung! – April

The Abbey community is now out of winter retreat, and Dharma activities for 2017 have begun. Sharing the Dharma locally, bidding farewell to a Dharma brother, and training in compassionate communication give Abbey residents opportunities to practice and integrate the Buddha’s teaching in their own minds.

Pravarana – April

The Abbey community celebrated the end of our winter “snows” retreat (Varsa) with an important ceremony called Pravarana. During the three-month silent retreat, the community focuses inward on our practice and refrains from giving any feedback or admonishment to one another. At the closing ceremony of Pravarana, we each invite the community to give feedback so that we may understand how best to improve our ability to keep precepts and support the harmony of the sangha. It is a beautiful and clarifying rite that brings us closer to each other and to our monastic life.

Celebrate – April

The first Sharing the Dharma Day of 2017 joyfully celebrated the completion of the Abbey’s Winter Retreat. Over 60 people joined the sangha as we all listened to the Dharma, participated in a Lama Chopa offering ceremony, made offerings, and gave gifts to our kind and generous supporters. Friendship and connection marked this glorious beginning of our 2017 event schedule. Now we look forward to welcoming you all for retreats, events, teachings, and service.

Ven. Nyima’s Ordination – April

The 14th member of the Sravasti Abbey sangha was ordained on March 31. Alicia Blanco became Venerable Thubten Nyima as the Abbey bhikshuni sangha, along with two Chinese bhikshuni elders, gave the ordination. At the same time, Rebecca took the anagarika precepts. A group of local lay friends gathered with the Abbey community to celebrate the growing of the sangha in the West.

Rebecca’s Anagarika Ceremony – April

Rebecca, who is from Australia, returned to the Abbey after visiting last winter and requested anagarika training. Her anagarika ordination was March 31, coinciding with Alicia’s novice and shiksamana ordination. The anagarika training will give Rebecca time, structure, and support to consider the possibility of monastic ordination. The training period will help her grow her compassion and wisdom as well.

Retreat Life – March

In retreat, life gets simple; the schedule dictates simplicity as does the environment and practice. The senses are more restrained, so we can see the more subtle nuances that life brings. It is all fleeting, subject to change, unsatisfactory even in its fleeting beauty, and there is no inherently existent life there to grasp.