Winter Days – January 2017

As we turn the corner into 2017, the Abbey community stays close to home with several long and short-term guests, including a lunch visit with our local sheriff and deputies. Dharma conversations fill the day as we offer service and tie up loose ends before the winter retreat begins. May we stay focused and reflective during this quieter wintertime.

Vajrasattva Retreat 2017 – January 2017

Vajrasattva Retreat 2017

The 2017 Vajrasattva Retreat brought 52 participants to bring in the new year. It was easy to imagine countless sparkling white Vajrasattvas floating from the sky as a winter storm brought eight inches of snow. There was a strong sense of closeness and friendship as we listened to teachings on purification. The group shared enthusiasm and open-heartedness for the practice and for living cozily in community together.