One-Month Vajrasattva Retreat — January 2019

The first month of our winter retreat includes Abbey residents and about 18 guests who spend five meditation sessions every day with Vajrasattva, Buddha of Purification. Our goal is to purify past negative actions and to gain a clear perspective on our lives. By this practice, may all being be freed from suffering and its causes!

Sravasti Abbey Winter Time — January 2019

So far, the Abbey has not seen as much as snow as usual for January, but when it comes, it looks gorgeous, especially on sunny days!

New Year’s Vajrasattva Retreat — January 2019

We hosted about 40 guests and 16 residents over four days during the New Year Vajrasattva Retreat. It was a filled weekend—lots of people, meditation, and teachings on the practice of Vajrasattva, the Buddha of Purification, with Ven. Chodron. (See the teachings on our YouTube channel.)

We also enjoyed daily guided meditation sessions and group discussions. Throughout, we kept silence well and met each other in kindness, closeness, and understanding. Happy new year to all! May genuine peace — born from the Three Higher Trainings of ethical conduct, meditative concentration, and the wisdom realizing the ultimate nature — prevail!