Je Rinpoche Conference at Ganden Monastery – December

Ven. Chodron’s annual trip to Asia culminated in eight days in Mundgod, South India, where she participated in the International Conference on Je Tsongkhapa’s life, thought, and legacy. There she connected with great Dharma teachers and fellow practitioners from around the world. Ven. Damcho shares about the trip here.

Malaysia – December 2019

Ven. Chodron’s teaching tour continued with a week in Malaysia, organized chiefly by the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM), supported by longtime Dharma friends Kenryuu Ong, his extended family, Charmaine Tan, and Lim Kah Eng. Read about visit here.

Je Tsongkhapa Day 600-year Anniversary at Sravasti Abbey – December 2019

At Sravasti Abbey we gathered together on this auspicious day to celebrate the 600-year anniversary of Je Tsongkhapa’s parinirvāṇa. Several friends of the Abbey joined us for a Lama Tsongkhapa Guru puja and many light offerings. Lama Tsongkhapa was one of Tibet’s greatest scholar-yogis. Read Ven. Chodron’s short summary of his life here. Professor Jan Willis speaks about his life in this video.

Meanwhile, Ven. Chodron attended The International Conference on the Life, Thought, and Legacy of Tsongkhapa in Mundgod, India. Read Ven. Damcho’s travelogue about the conference here.

Sharing the Dharma Day – December

On the last Sharing the Dharma Day of 2019, Abbey friends came from near and far to connect with the Dharma, the monastics, and with each other. Ven. Samten gave a heartfelt and humorous talk on the kindness of others, which brought on both laughter and tears. Afterwards, during the group discussion, we explored more deeply the kindness we have received in this life.

Teaching in Singapore – December

Ven. Chodron’s annual teaching tour to Singapore was filled with Dharma talks and connections with students. Well-organized by the amazing efforts of Friends of Sravasti Abbey – Singapore (FOSA-S), the trip included talks and retreats in 13 different temples, centers, and private homes over eight days. Vens. Chonyi and Damcho went along to assist. Thanks to all the wonderful friends in Singapore for your kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm for the Dharma! Read about visit here.

Abbey Life – December

In December things slow down a bit. As we prepare the Abbey for the Winter, the work in the forest stops and we turn to indoor tasks.

Nyung Ne Retreat – November

Nyung Ne purification retreats are a rare occurrence in the US, making the Abbey’s annual Thanksgiving Nyung Ne retreat a special event. Over 5 days, Ven. Tenzin Tsepal skillfully led us in two rounds of the practice, which includes fasting, meditation, recitations, and prostrations. This year, 23 people participated in the first round and 15 in the second.

Sharing the Dharma Day – November

The Abbey was filled with joy and kindness as visitors joined us for Sharing the Dharma Day. During the Dharma talk, we learned methods for enhancing impartiality and compassion. After lunch, Ven. Chodron presented the architectural drawings for the Buddha Hall and received a round of applause from the audience

Offering Service Saturday – November

It was a foggy and somewhat rainy day, but nevertheless our brave and joyful volunteers came to offer service to the Three Jewels.

A New Anagarika – November

Laresa, a long-term student of Ven. Chodron’s, takes the one-year anagarika ordination. During her time at the Abbey she will explore her monastic aspirations.

Foundation of Buddhist Practice – November

Venerable Chodron continued this year with teachings from Foundation of Buddhist Practice, the 2nd volume of the Library of Wisdom and Compassion co-written with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The teachings focused on how to rely properly on a spiritual mentor. Teachings were in depth and enriched everyone’s understanding of this very important topic. Watch the teachings here.

Abbey Life — November

As fall turns into winter, we still continue to practice and share the Dharma and welcome guests from around the world.

Ven. Thubten Chodron Teaches in New York & London

Ven. Chodron traveled to give teachings at Shantideva Center in New York City, stopping in at ABC studios for a “10% Happier” interview. She then flew to London where she taught at the British Library and Jamyang Buddhis Center, with a visit brief to the Amaravati Monastery.

Offering Service Saturday — October

October is a beautiful month with lots of variety, sun, rain, colored leaves, warm, coolness and plenty of preparation work for the upcoming winter. We are so grateful for all the support we received on Offering Service Saturday.

Abbey Life in Early October

October started off with brilliant skies, a beautiful but very early snow, and wonderful guests who enriched our community with laughter and joy. We also enjoyed Ven. Chodron’s return from her short trip to New York and London.

Sharing the Dharma Day — October

On a sunny autumn day, we enjoyed the company of our Sharing the Dharma Day participants. Ven. Jigme gave the talk on developing love and compassion, drawing from the book, An Open-Hearted Life, by Dr. Russell Kolts and Ven. Thubten Chodron.

September Activity — September

September was an active month with many diverse activities and weather conditions. See for yourself!

Geshe Dadul Namgyal on the Six Perfections — September

We rejoiced at Geshe Dadul’s return for teachings on bodhicitta and the last three of the six paramitas or perfections. Drawing from the verses of 11th Century Tibetan Geshe Potowa, Geshe Dadul offered vivid metaphors for understanding the perfections of joyous effort, concentration, and wisdom. In addition to teaching, Geshe-la kindly entertained our questions and ideas in the break times. He left us with inspiration and lots to put into practice.

Sharing the Dharma Day — September

Many new and old friends visited us for meditation, teachings, and discussions on the book Living with an Open Heart. New friendships were made and old ones refreshed. It’s a wonderful monthly gathering to share Buddha’s teachings with a wide range of people for the local area.

Abbey Life — September

The weather has cooled down a bit, and we are harvesting a bumper crop of delicious plums. The gardens are still beautiful, but the season is definitely turning. Our long-term guests are a great support in preparing the Abbey for the coming winter.

Offering Service Saturday — September

About 10 friends from North Idaho and Eastern Washington joined the community to help with different projects on our monthly Offering Service Saturday. We did a lot! The biggest item on our list was filling the Ananda Hall furnace room with firewood for the winter. that and many other projects were accomplished with joy. Watch Joseph share about his Dharma insights from offering service on our Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner (BBC).

Developing Concentration Retreat — September

Around 60 participants, including residents, joined our annual Labor Day weekend retreat. This may be the largest number of participants yet! Fortunately, we have enough sleeping space, but barely enough room for everyone to meditate. And definitely not enough space for full-length prostration practices. Still, Ven. Thubten Chodron offered amazing teachings based on the concentration chapter of Following in the Buddha’s Footsteps, Volume 4 of the Library of Wisdom and Compassion that will be published in October. Retreatants left with excellent guidance for stabilizing our meditation.

Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe Teachings — August

The Abbey community and guests had the great opportunity to receive teachings on Indian master Dharmakirti’s text on logic and reasoning, Pramanavarttika. We were fortunate to study this text with Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe, a great Buddhist scholar and practitioner who resides 6 months a year at the Tibetan Learning Center in New Jersey. Geshe Thabkhe taught via Live Stream with Joshua Cutler as his interpreter.

Abbey Life — The Beauty of August

The Abbey has enjoyed a beautiful summer with sun, rain, moderate temperatures, and many good activities for relaxation and growth, as well as overall spiritual well-being.

Wheel Turning Day Celebration – August

Once a year the Abbey, along with millions of Buddhists worldwide, celebrates the Buddha’s first teaching when he introduced the Four Noble Truths. It’s an auspicious day, a day to rejoice in Buddha’s virtuous deeds and the continuing effects of his teachings. This year, the day fell on our August Sharing the Dharma Day. Photos are by Gen Heywood Photography.

Offering Service Saturday – August

This month’s Offering Service Saturday was well attended including four family groups who came to volunteer together. With beautiful weather, we were able to do many necessary activities including harvesting, foresting, cooking, and weeding. Thanks to everyone who helped keep the Abbey clean, healthy, and beautiful. Great joyous effort and lots of fun!

Final Days of Exploring Monastic Life – August

Fifteen participants—including five new monastics—trained together in this year’s Exploring Monastic Life (EML) program. The course provided excellent teachings on the ordination ritual, deep daily discussions, offering service, opportunity for questions and sharing with the Abbey community, and lots of fun!

Offering Service Saturday

A beautiful July day brought 43 people together to offer service at the Abbey. What a lot we got done! We celebrate everyone’s generous effort to clean up the forest, harvest the garden, net the fruit trees, fold T-shirts, roll mantra, make a fantastic lunch, and more. As our prayer says, “We are grateful for the opportunity to offer service to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.” Thank you all for joining us!

Meeting with the Architect

Causes for the Abbey’s future Buddha Hall are beginning to come together. Tim Wilson of Momentum Architecture, designer for two other Abbey buildings, came out to study the hillside where we envision a two-story Buddha Hall.

Exploring Monastic Life 2019

Thirteen participants from Europe and North America have joined this year’s Exploring Monastic Life program. Ven. Chodron gives daily teachings on monastic life and leads discussions. The group also offers service together every day. It’s a rich program for everyone.

Visit to Santi Forest Monastery — July 2019

After the Sakyadhita conference, Ven. Chonyi stayed in Australia to visit the nuns at Santi Forest Monastery and to give a couple of talks in Sydney. The Santi nuns practice in the Theravada Forest tradition. They generously shared their practices, requisites, and beautiful land with Ven. Chonyi and other visiting nuns. The visit reaffirmed Ven. Chonyi’s experience of the universal sisterhood of nuns who have chosen “the homeless life,” the way of Buddhist monastics.

Dharma Life in July at Sravasti Abbey

Abbey residents and guests enjoy the excellent July weather with a mix of sun, rain, some coolness, beautiful flowers, lots of teachings, many guests, community activities, and more.

Holiday with Manjushri — July 2019

Vens. Chodron, Over 45 participants including residents spent an awakening week with Manjushri, Buddha of Wisdom. Ven. Thubten Chodron taught on the Manjushri practice as well as on Nagarjuna’s “Letter to a Friend,” a 123-verse poem that covers the entire Mahayana path. Everyone enjoyed the retreat tremendously.

Abbey Life

Abbey life in June has been rich with plenty of offering service opportunities and almost daily teachings. We make good use of the mild weather conditions to work in the garden, and forest. We very much enjoy working as a team!

Sakyadhita in Australia — June 2019

Vens. Chodron, Chonyi, and Samten journeyed to Australia for the 16th International Conference of Sakyadhita, the global organization in support of Buddhist women. The conference theme focused on New Horizons in Buddhism, which drew over 800 women and several men from around the world. Filled with talks, workshops, academic papers, and enormous good will, the nuns were happy to meet so many people and to learn to hear how they are applying Buddha’s beautiful teachings in all types of situations. More news will follow. Most of these photos are by Olivier Adam, official conference photographer. See many more on his conference Facebook page.


Vens. Chodron, Chonyi, and Samten traveled to Australia to attend the 16th International Sakyadhita Conference. Along the way, the nuns were welcomed at Vajrayana Institute in Sydney where Ven. Chodron gave teachings before the conference. She also spoke at Buddhist Library, gave a lunchtime talk to the team at Insight Timer, and video-recorded a series of teachings for Nan Tien Institute’s Humanistic Buddhism course. The Aussies were warm and generous, making the Abbey nuns feel right at home.


The Power of Genie — June 2019

Ven. Tarpa, mastermind of all things maintenance, organized a weeklong service project to pain, stain, and oil the wood on all Abbey buildings. She rented a Genie boom lift to reach the very high places and recruited volunteers from all over. Residents and friends worked a steady schedule to make maximum use of the Genie. Now the trees are trimmed and the wood sparkles. More importantly, the building facades are protected from our strong summer sun and fierce winter storms for a few more years. It was a time of great teamwork and joyous effort!


Young Adults Explore Buddhism at Sravasti Abbey

The Abbey hosted fourteen smart, caring, and enthusiastic young people to explore Buddhism, meet like-minded friends, and receive teachings from Ven. Chodron. Their discussions were rich as they thought about how to bring the insights from their experience into their daily lives. We loved their energy and wish them all well as they courageously take on the world.

June in Full Bloom — June 2019

June is buzzing with activity as we welcome guests and apply our mind-training practices to the many outdoor tasks that keep the Abbey running.


Memorial Day Retreat

Commenting on just a few pages of How to See Yourself as You Really Are by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Venerable Thubten Chodron packed in three days of powerful teachings on compassion. Nearly 60 people gathered to hear her commentary on Chandrakirti’s six-point metaphor for how a being bound in cyclic existence is like a bucket in a well. The group listened, discussed, and meditated together, glad to be taking this holiday weekend to grow in understanding and compassion.


May Activities at Sravasti Abbey — May 2019

The Abbey community and guests enjoy Mother Nature’s beautiful transformation into spring. We also enjoy connecting with our friends in Spokane and for Sharing the Dharma Day. Long-term guest Em shares about her experience at the Abbey in this Bodhisattva’s Breakfast Corner talk.

Spring Has Sprung!

The Abbey garden looks magnificent right now with all the different flowers and colors.

Christina Becomes Venerable Thubten Kunga! — May 2019

Christina Manriquez has trained earnestly at the Abbey for some time. On May 8, the Abbey’s resident bhikshuni sangha fulfilled her request by ordaining her as a novice nun. Her preceptor, Ven. Thubten Chodron, bestowed the new nun’s ordination name, Ven. Thubten Kunga, “the always happy one.” Ven. Thubten Tarpa, the Abbey’s most senior resident nun, was her instructor (acharya). Everyone at Sravasti The Abbey rejoices and welcomes Ven. Kunga into the sangha community!

Peaceful Living, Peaceful Dying with Ven. Sangye Khadro — May 2019

Ven. Sangye Khadro led a packed weekend course on preparing spiritually for the one thing in life we know for sure will come—our own death. She based her talk on her free distribution book, Preparing for Death and Helping the Dying. About 50 participants, including residents, attended this meaningful course to learn how to think and meditate to familiarize ourselves now for the time of death.

April Abbey Life – Spring! — April 2019

Spring is here! After retreat, a great variety of activities awaited us: teachings, gardening, group study, social action, and more. We rejoice in all the ways the community practices the Dharma!

Compassion in the Middle Way — April 2019

Geshe Yeshi Lhundup visited the Abbey to share teachings on great compassion from Chandrakirti’s “Supplement to the Middle Way.” Geshe-la is a senior Dharma teacher at Drepung Loseling Monastery where he has taught for over 20 years. His teachings showed how to practice compassion conjoined with an understanding of impermanence and emptiness.

Earth Day Vigil: A Call for Healing Earth — April 2019

Vens. Semkye and Jampa joined about 100 people—faith leaders, leaders of conscience, witnesses, and supporters—for Spokane’s the Earth Day vigil, where the group expressed deep care for Mother Earth. It was a great opportunity to build friendships, strengthen resolve, and put thoughts and prayers into action for greater environmental awareness.

A New Bhikshuni! — April 2019

Ven. Tenzin Tsepal is the 13th Abbey monastic to receive full ordination in Taiwan. She returned from seven weeks of training at located at Fu En Si Temple in Taiping, Taichung, where she was fortunate to have Ven. Thubten Chodron as one of her bhikshuni witnesses. Ven. Damcho was also there and helped out with translating for seven non-Chinese speaking participants. The Abbey celebrates our growing fully ordained sangha! Hurray! You can watch Ven. Tsepal share her experience on our YouTube channel.

Whitworth University Visit — April 2019

About 20 students from the Dornsife Center for Community Engagement at Whitworth University in Spokane joined us a for a day of learning about learning to care for themselves as they care for others. They offered service in the forest, shared a meal with the community, and learned about meditation. We were inspired to meet these remarkable students from all parts of the world who are so dedicated to altruistic service. Watch Ven. Samten’s Bodhisattva’s Breakfast Corner talk on self-care.

April Sharing the Dharma Day — April 2019

Our first Sharing the Dharma Day of the year drew a good-sized crowd of old friends and many new faces. After the long winter retreat, we were delighted to fill the Meditation Hall with like-minded folks interested in transforming their minds. Ven. Sangye Khadro gave the Dharma talk on “Being Responsible for our Emotions.”

Annual April Activities—Gardening and NIC — April 2019

As spring slowly arrives, so do the annual spring activities. This year, Ven. Chonyi stepped in to give the spring semester public talk at North Idaho College (NIC) and many chipped in to clean up the garden after a long winter. Guests and residents helped prepare the vegetable garden, build a new raspberry match, and reach out to our local communities.

Taiwan and Hong Kong — April 2019

Ven. Thubten Chodron, traveling with Ven. Damcho as her translator and assistant, was in Asia for about three weeks. After serving as bhikshuni witness at the full ordination ceremony (see photos below), Ven. Chodron gave talks at Luminary Buddhist Institute and Manjushri Vihara in Taiwan and at locations in Hong Kong.

Abbey Nuns in Taiwan — March 2019

Ven. Chodron was invited to participate in the full ordination of nuns at the Fu En Si Temple in Taiwan, accompanied by Ven. Damcho as her translator. It’s a great honor and also a great opportunity to learn how to perform the full ordination so we can offer it at Sravasti Abbey one day! Ven. Tsepal is at this same temple to receive the bhikshuni ordination. En route, Ven. Chodron also gave Dharma talks in Seattle and Taiwan. Video is here..

Kathina Ends the “Snows Retreat”— March 2019

At the end of our winter Varsa (monastic retreat), the Abbey celebrates Kathina. Widely celebrated in Buddhist countries of Southeast Asia, the Kathina ceremony especially demonstrates the interdependent relationship between the ordained sangha and the lay community. Originally a time for lay followers to offer monastic robes—which were scarce in ancient India—it also offers a chance to help replenish the monastery’s supplies after a long retreat. Many guests joined us for this joyful event.

Pravarana — March 2019

The Abbey sangha completed our 6th annual Varsa (our “snows retreat”) with the Pravarana ceremony. Ancient in its origin, the Pravarana is rite for inviting feedback from other monastics about our conduct during the Varsa period. The purpose is to strengthen our good qualities and to diminish negative actions. It supports the development of trust and connection within the community.

Celebration! Retreat Ends Joyfully — March 2019

Our three-month winter retreat was totally dependent on our supporters’ kindness. We appreciate the donations, food, and other offerings you gave so monastics and lay practitioners could study and practice the Dharma. We finished our Vajrasattva purification retreat with a fire puja, a “go-around” where we shared our personal experiences, and a lunch outing sponsored by a kind donor. We also to a lovely side trip to visit a nearby lake and forest, enjoying our connections before the winds of karma send our guests back out into the world.

Winter Retreat March — March 2019

The three-month retreatants continue to focus on Vajrasattva, mind training, and the lamrim meditations. It’s a wonderful time for deep reflection and purification. We are very thankful to all supporters who make this time possible. All the merit gained from our practice is dedicated for all the supporters for their extensive kindness.

Buddhas covered in snow!— March 2019

This year the Abbey has had the fortune to receive lots of snow. The outdoor Buddhas have been covered in snow throughout the winter. It seems they are not disturbed at all but continue to be in deep samadhi.

Winter Retreat — Snow Time! — February 2019

In February we’ve had so much snow that our break times are filled with shoveling. That’s not a complaint. We are happy about the abundance of snow! It’s beautiful and good for the environment. But mainly we continue meditating and receiving precious teachings by Ven. Chodron as well as Ven. Sangye Khadro.