Letting Go in the Era of Loss

by Tanya Lasuk


Please watch Ven. Chodron’s Bodhisattva’s Breakfast Corner (BBC) talk on the Power of Letting Go, and then read Tanya’s response below.

Tanya wrote:

I just listened to your BBC talk on Letting Go. Your comment about not imagining any call for an apology (because you saw the events as part of your training in dealing with anger) went into me like an arrow.

Wow, it felt like someone handed me the key to the universe.

This whole Donald Trump thing got stood on its head for me.

I’ve been struggling with hopelessness and deep sadness in the face of all the losses – immigrants, environment, war, the economy – that I seem to be able to mitigate only by not listening to or reading the news.

When you said what you said during the BBC talk, I thought, “ Oh, here is how to approach it – it’s all about training my mind in equanimity.”

What a relief!

Now, let’s see the next time I get really pissed off, how long it takes to realize it’s about TRAINING MY MIND!!!