Thank you!

With hundreds of gifts, you’ve helped meet the $500,00 Challenge!

“We are building the Buddha Hall for the people, the country, and the world,” said abbess Venerable Thubten Chodron. And it’s needed now.

Watch our video thanks to you all.

You gifts helped double the challenge and takes us closer to ensuring that construction continues without interruption until the new Buddha Hall is complete.

$500,000 Challenge Met!

raised of
as of December 18, 2022

Rejoicing in your exceptional generosity! Hundreds of gifts met the challenge. Thank you!

What and Why

The Buddha Hall will be the heart of spiritual practice at the Abbey.

Since 2003, we have grown and flourished in the temporary Meditation Hall, a converted garage.

But now, resident monastics alone fill the hall, and more and more guests are starting to return post-Covid.

In addition, since Covid, we’ve broadcast almost all our programs, turning the dining room into the main teaching space.

It’s essential to build the Buddha Hall so that people of all backgrounds can continue to learn how to overcome anger and fear and grow their wisdom and love.

Watercolor - East entrance - Buddha Hall

How much?

Estimated cost to build the Buddha Hall is $6.7 million.

With Abbey savings and the generous gifts received so far, we are almost halfway there.

The Abbey needs $3.5 million more in gifts and loans to keep building without interruption.

Matching the $500,000 Challenge by December 18 takes us closer to realizing that vision.

Please join us.

There are so many ways you can help. See them here.

Together, we’ll build a sacred space where monastics, lay visitors, and global practitioners (through the blessing of technology) can share in the teachings and help to create peace in a chaotic world.

It will take us all.

Together, we will build the Buddha Hall.