Elycia Koh Yew Tee attended Exploring Buddhism, the program for young adults, in 2012, where she met Terri who was then an anagarika. When Terri  became a siksamana (nun in training), Elycia wrote this poem to celebrate.

Seeing the truth in the Buddha’s Dhamma;
Dhukka (unsatisfactory), Annica (impermanent), Anatta (no-self),
Dropping the world’s baits and fetters,
The ardent joins the Sangha.

A bhikshuni established on virtues,
Developing the mind and wisdom,
Striving on without weariness,
She can disentangle this samsara’s tangle.

Having abandoned greed, hatred, and delusion,
With a lofty mind so well-concentrated,
She directs her mind to the suffering of others,
And gives up her raft to those wishing to cross over.
Without even clinging on to the slightest.