“A friendly face, a wise voice, and a kind heart help ease the suffering and build resilience.

Sravasti Abbey offers all of these freely to you and me

 Dear friends of Sravasti abbey,

As I write, confirmed coronavirus cases across the world continue to soar. While the news offers hope with vaccines on the way, we’re not out of the woods. What a year!

I can’t imagine facing the fear, impermanence, and anger I’ve experienced during this year without support from Sravasti Abbey. Although I live 1500 miles away from the Abbey, I benefit daily from their teaching and presence in my life.

Is your story like mine? 

Seven years ago, on a Monday night in Spokane, Washington, I tentatively slipped into the back row of a class on meditation and something called the “Dharma.”

It was all new to me—nuns in burgundy robes, sitting in silence with strangers. But as the teaching began, I found myself leaning forward, listening deeply as they shared wisdom from the Buddha. Their words resonated with me. They asked me simply to consider, “Is this true for you?” And I recognized that this profound worldview was indeed true for me. In fact, this was the path I’d been seeking my whole life.

Since that evening, through every life event, the Dharma and practice began to change me. Rather than look to alter life’s circumstances, I began to work with my mind.

Over the years, the rich resources offered freely by the Sravasti Abbey community  have helped me grow. And even though I have moved 1,500 miles away from the Abbey, I still benefit daily from their teaching and presence in my life. That prepared me to face 2020.

blankIs this true for you, too?

When the need for social distancing closed the Abbey’s doors, the community, out of compassion, made it possible for us to access classes, talks, and retreats over Livestream and Zoom. A wealth of teaching and connection is now available to you and me, just at our fingertips. This has been a saving grace for me and thousands of others during these months of isolation, uncertainty, and grief.

Was your year like mine?

I imagine your year has been a lot like mine.

Where I live, in the southwestern U.S., we have endured relentless, record breaking heat as our beloved Catalina Mountains were scorched by wildfires. Like me, you have watched the world erupt in protests and marches as deep injustices in our society broke open and spilled into the streets. Perhaps you’ve shared my horror watching divisive forces tear at the structure of our democracy.

With COVID-19, we are all separated from family, friends, and our usual distractions and comforts. And it’s possible that you have lost much, much more.

Surely, like me, you sometimes feel isolated, scared, and alone.

blankSource of hope

I hope you have turned to Sravasti Abbey to uplift your mind and find ways to keep up hope. This year, more than ever, a friendly face, a wise voice, and a kind heart have helped to ease suffering and build resilience

The Abbey offers all of this freely to you and me. Then teaches us to share these same qualities with people around us. I am grateful for that.

If you have found advice, solace, and support from the Abbey’s monastics, then I am sure you are grateful, too.

And so, as you consider your year-end giving, I invite your final gratitude offering of 2020. Large or small doesn’t matter. It’s your kind heart that counts.

Thanks for joining me in supporting the Abbey’s liberating work.

Sharon Falk
Tucson, AZ
Friend of Sravasti Abbey

PS – Living in a pandemic has made us mindful of impermanence and the need to “put our affairs in order.”

My husband and I used this opportunity to review our estate planning. As we thought about what is important to us, we decided to include Sravasti Abbey as a beneficiary in our will. I encourage you to consider this as well. Learn about bequests here.

What better legacy than to support the work that has offered us all such life giving wisdom so that others may find this help in the future?  

Questions?  Write the office.