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Awaken Every Day: 365 Buddhist Reflections to Invite Mindfulness and Joy

by Ven. Thubten Chodron 

If we really value freedom, we must create a free state in our heart by opposing ignorance, anger, and attachment. Ignorance is the dictator that won’t let any freedom exist in our mind; greed and animosity are its henchmen.

We need to bring the same spirit and fervor for overthrowing ignorance’s oppressive regime that some Americans feel on the Fourth of July and that people in India feel on Republic Day, the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect.

In this case, however, the oppressive regime we’re going to overthrow is our self-grasping ignorance. Instead of throwing tea into the Boston Harbor, we must throw our attachment and hatred overboard. Then we can bask in genuine freedom.

Let’s approach Dharma practice with the same enthusiasm.

Support for challenging times

Ven. Chodron has been giving online talks on how to cultivate beneficial states of mind in this time of pandemic and political upheaval in the US. Watch them here:

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