Creating an effective daily meditation practice:

April, 2007

Dear Venerable Chodron,

I sincerely appreciate having had the opportunity to participate in the Chenrezig retreat from afar. The retreat experience has benefited me greatly, especially by helping me to develop a structure and habit of meditating.

I am continuing the retreat practice as conscientiously as possible, having missed only two days since the retreat formally ended. During the formal retreat period I was able to be completely consistent, without missing any days. I created a study component for myself by incorporating reading and reflection from Cultivating a Compassionate Heart, beginning again at the beginning and thoughtfully moving through the book. I began my daily sessions with the book, then moved into the meditation on Chenrezig incorporating as you have suggested, a meditation on the Lam Rim. I have not completed the text and am continuing this approach until I have completed the last two chapters.

I really have no words to describe the impact that this experience has had on me. Perhaps I do not fully understand it yet. I do know that being able to participate in the retreat from afar has been a very significant part of my evolving understanding of the Dharma and my ability to incorporate these understandings into my daily life. Thank you very much for making this opportunity available for those who do not have appropriate local centers to guide our practice. I am very grateful to have been able to participate.

Sincere best wishes for your continued good health, happiness and benefit to all beings.

David Greene