Jodi Gulka from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada sent this prayer of aspiration for the Abbey’s fifth birthday:

Hello to everyone at the Abbey and Happy Birthday!!

Wishing everyone at the Abbey all the best!!! Busy week for everyone with the 5th birthday celebration and the upcoming weekend teachings. Often though, these are some of the best times watching people pull together and support each other to make everything workable. What a wonderful blessing for the Abbey!

Venerable Chodron, thank you for everything you do to lead and inspire not only the Abbey community but also the ever-growing community of Abbey friends around the world. Your kindness, humour, honesty, and love are much needed always. May your writings, teachings, meditations, and actions continue to inspire more and more students to join the Abbey’s community until it truly does become the home of 10,000 monastics. May the Abbey residents and all its friends be guided by you in this and all future lives. In each successive lifetime may you once again bring to fruition your aspiration to build and sustain monastic communities in the west.

Venerable Chodron, Venerable Tarpa, Venerable Semkye, Venerable Chonyi, and Venerable Jampel – for those lost in this ocean of suffering thank you for being a living example the ways and means of attaining lasting liberation and the incredible opportunities this liberation then brings to fully dedicate your future lives to serving others with unflinching dedication and persistent effort. May you all have long and beautiful lives in the dharma and especially living in the vows. May your dedication to upholding the vows inspire countless others to follow in your footsteps and take the step towards peace.

Venerable Jampel, congratulations on your ordination and becoming the first monk at the Abbey. What a wonderful and meaningful choice. May you follow in the Buddha’s footsteps in this and all future lives deepening your practice each time and deepening your dedication to benefit all beings.

May the Abbey last for 1,000 years and become home to 10,000 monastics studying, contemplating and practicing the Buddha’s teachings. By your practice may all beings be liberated. By your compassion may the needs of all beings be fulfilled. By your wisdom may all beings find the dharma path.