Sravasti Abbey friend Brittany Daugs shares her thoughts on the Buddha Hall

Help match the $500,000 Challenge by December 18.

There’s something about the Abbey’s Buddha Hall project that inspires me to give.

Will you join me?

In his well-loved Dharma guide, Master Shantideva urges us to offer “every fruit and flower,” “sumptuous fragrance” and “precious lamps arranged in rows on lotuses of gold” as well as other incredible gifts to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

Such giving expresses respect for the Three Jewels and fuels our aspiration to generate the same excellent qualities—such as love, compassion, wisdom, and so forth — that they have.

On a recent visit to the Abbey, Shantideva’s verses sang out to me, and I spent a quiet evening making offerings.

I imagined the Abbey’s forest transformed into an offering worthy of the Buddhas: healthy, green, and sweet smelling.

I imagined the golden white moon evoking bodhicitta. I transformed many beautiful aspects of Sravasti Abbey into offerings to the Buddhas.

And then I thought of offering the entire Buddha Hall!

In that moment something stirred inside, and I felt inspired to do whatever I can, whatever it takes, to build the Buddha Hall.

That’s why I’m asking.

Will you join me by making an offering to build the Buddha Hall today? It’s a way to gladden your heart with generosity and create merit to dedicate for the awakening of all beings.

And our offerings help to double a $500,000 Buddha Hall Challenge if we give by December 18.

It will take all of us — our action, vision, fortitude, and aspiring bodhicitta — for this Buddha Hall to come to life. When it does, it will bring great inspiration to countless beings for a long, long time. Read all about it here.

Together, we will build the Buddha Hall.

Brittany Daugs
Friends of Sravasti Abbey
Long Beach, CA USA
In monasteries, temples and the like,

May reading and reciting widely flourish.

May harmony prevail among the Sangha;

May its purposes be all fulfilled.

Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way