I’m very happy to be here for my second time, in this wonderful holy place of practice, where you can do retreat. It’s a beautiful place and you are very lucky to be here. I’m an old woman practitioner from Tibet. We know all the yogis and yoginis in Tibet, where they live in caves and holy place. It’s very similar here, except you have more. Those places, living in cave, if people around town bring some food, sometimes there’s plenty and sometimes two days no food, but those yogis and yoginis stay and remain in caves, and I have seen it and I have been to those places. In that way, you are unlike.

But you are very lucky. And Ven. Thubten Chodron-la and Tarpa and all the other ordained here – the seniors – are teaching and leading you in Dharma realm and you are very, very fortunate to be practicing here. As we all say, the human being has more opportunity to do what we wish to do. In the Tibetan world whatever you have done in previous life, this life is showing you the karma. And whatever you want to be in next life is in our hands. So this is what we are doing for our next life, and for the benefit of all other beings as well as yourself.

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