One really marvelous thing of coming (to the Abbey) and seeing this now widespread community formed is the very fact that, to build such a community and for it to remain as a source of help and happiness for others—for this is what it is, right? It’s the aim—it takes … continuous cultivations of causes and conditions. And those causes and conditions to a wide extent have come together. How fabulous!

For so many years Venerable Chodron has lived a life so that a lot of people put confidence in what she is doing. And then other people joined. Now there is a community and a far reaching community, right?   … And because of impermanence and that disintegration is uncaused it takes huge continuation which takes huge long term motivation to keep it going.

Yesterday, Tracy was explaining to me about the network of sustenance that is going on. That is just fabulous! This is really wonderful! And when you study impermanence—coarse impermanence and subtle impermanence—you realize how much and how strong the motivation has to be to maintain what is set up. So I just want to celebrate the marvel of what is happening here …

… I want to use this opportunity to mix a lot of topics: impermanence; how you could misunderstand impermanence; how by understanding impermanence on a subtle level, it shows the importance of continuous motivation; and to celebrate the hope and the reality that (Sravasti Abbey), in its own steady way, will continue to be a source of help and happiness.

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