Dear All at Sravasti Abbey,

Thank you for having me at your centre and giving me an opportunity to share my experiences with you. I was deeply impressed with you all. All of you listened to my talks with great interest and enthusiasm. I was even more impressed with the depth of understanding you showed, which was quite evident from the questions you asked. Such questions are proof of many years of personal reflection on the teachings.

In your case, what is most impressive is that you don’t just acquire intellectual knowledge, you do deep personal reflection in a structured retreat situation. What I’m saying is that you are doing exactly what Buddha asked of his followers: to hear, contemplate, and meditate. I was moved by your centre’s programme and everyone’s effort to practice.

Now my request is that you continue on this path of learning and retreat-meditation not just a year or two, but for life. The success you achieve in your practice will go a long way to serve Buddha’s teaching and to set an example for other Buddhist centres. Please keep doing the same and lending a supportive hand to Venerable Thubten Chodron. And indeed, I will remember you all in my daily practice and pray for your higher spiritual realizations.

With best wishes to all,

Khensur Jampa Tegchog

In a separate letter to Ven. Chodron, Khensur Rinpoche said:

Thank you for having me at your centre, which you established for the temporal and ultimate good of the Dharma and living beings. Establishing a centre for Buddhist learning and practice, and more important, running it successfully, you are rendering the greatest service to Buddha-Please keep up the good work.

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