Venerable Thubten Pelgye


Ven. Thubten Pelgye grew up in Singapore and had a keen interest about rebirth and karma since she was young. Her family was not Buddhist, so her first encounter with Chinese Mahayana Buddhism was during a rebellious period.

She was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism where she found answers about rebirth and karma. She continued studying Tibetan Buddhism and especially resonated with karma and bodhicitta. Being a nun started to be on her mind.

Ven. Pelgye finished her degree in accounting and continued her career as an auditor, accountant, and manager, fulfilling her mother’s wishes. She was a sportsperson in badminton, marathon, and cycling. The sun, sand, and sea were her favorite places.

However, she felt that this was not true happiness and the benefit she could give to others was very limited. She was greatly inspired by Thousand-Armed Chenrezig and Tara. Hence, she started looking for a monastery to continue pursuing her monastic aspiration.

She trained in Taiwan for a period of time under the Gelug Tradition, different Geshes, and the Chinese Mahayana tradition. She searched for many places to practice and received a recommendation from a Geshe to look at Sravasti Abbey.

She arrived at the Abbey in April 2022, taking refuge and 5-lay precepts under Venerable Chodron. She became an Anagarika Dronsel in June 2022. See photos here.

She then requested ordination and on September 16th, 2023 she ordained and became Ven. Thubten Pelgye. See photos of this joyous occasion here.

Some of her opportunities for service at the Abbey include administration, public relations, and forest work. She enjoys outdoor work and taking walks around the Abbey.

Ven. Pelgye as a child