We got the building permit for the Buddha Hall!!!

Remember, we’re in a rural area and don’t have city conveniences such as a water system, septic system, electricity, telephone, internet, and so on to hook up to. We have to install all this infrastructure while fulfilling the same rules and regulations for a commercial building like those in Manhattan.

(Do you feel sorry for us yet? Actually all the rules and regs are for our safety.)

But the work is going ahead with joy and enthusiasm. We feel privileged to create a building that will honor the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. It will enable countless beings now and in generations to come to learn, practice, and experience the benefits of the Buddha’s liberating teachings.

To help us build the Buddha Hall, we have a fantastic architect, engineers, a great contractor, and a wonderful team at the Abbey working on this together.

After over three years of designing the Buddha Hall and its necessary water and septic systems, getting Health Department permits and addressing State Environmental Policy Act concerns, and meeting all the details of commercial building regulations—all of this during a global pandemic—on 2/22/2022 the Building Department finally gave us the permit.

Naturally we jumped for joy (literally)—you have never seen the energy of a group of peaceful meditators change so fast!

We were so excited that we wanted to break ground immediately and headed out to the building site. That effort didn’t last too long before we decided it was more practical to wait for the snow to melt and returned to our meditation cushions.

Your continued support is welcomed as together we continue to create the causes for the Buddha Hall.