Love and Gratitude

On Valentine’s Day–and every day–we are very grateful for everyone who is building the Buddha Hall. This includes the various construction crews, engineers, truck drivers, inspectors, and everyone else needed to get the work done on site.

Our love and gratitude also includes everyone who praying for the successful completion of the project, saying mantra, dedicating merit, and supporting the project financially. THANK YOU!

We were particularly inspired by the incredible joyous effort on Valentine’s Day to pour a portion of the walls. Due to weather and road conditions, heavy trucks with concrete and equipment could only be on the road before 9 AM. The first people arrived to the construction site at 4:30 AM, as we were beginning our morning meditation practice.

❤️ From Ven. Rinchen ❤️

Roses are red,
Pine trees are tall.
What we love today
is pouring a wall.

We woke up today
but life is so fleeting.
So let’s practice real well
for all sentient beings.

🥰 From Dronsel 🥰

Seeing trucks with load
Up the slippery road
Nuns in the cold
Watching it unfold
In the library i serve
With a grateful heart i observe
Making huge aspirations
With a Bodhichitta motivation
May the Buddha Hall be built
And sentient beings hearts be filled