Abbey Life — November

As fall turns into winter, we still continue to practice and share the Dharma and welcome guests from around the world.

Ven. Thubten Chodron Teaches in New York & London

Ven. Chodron traveled to give teachings at Shantideva Center in New York City, stopping in at ABC studios for a “10% Happier” interview. She then flew to London where she taught at the British Library and Jamyang Buddhis Center, with a visit brief to the Amaravati Monastery.

Offering Service Saturday — October

October is a beautiful month with lots of variety, sun, rain, colored leaves, warm, coolness and plenty of preparation work for the upcoming winter. We are so grateful for all the support we received on Offering Service Saturday.

Abbey Life in Early October

October started off with brilliant skies, a beautiful but very early snow, and wonderful guests who enriched our community with laughter and joy. We also enjoyed Ven. Chodron’s return from her short trip to New York and London.

Sharing the Dharma Day — October

On a sunny autumn day, we enjoyed the company of our Sharing the Dharma Day participants. Ven. Jigme gave the talk on developing love and compassion, drawing from the book, An Open-Hearted Life, by Dr. Russell Kolts and Ven. Thubten Chodron.

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