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Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe teaches the Pramanavarttika – October

Residents and guests had another amazing opportunity to receive teachings from esteemed Dharma master Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe. This year, in the fourth year of teaching on this text, Geshe-la completed Chapter 2 of Pramanavarttika by master Dharmakirti. Many students joined the teachings on YouTube. Time and again Dharmakhirti and Geshe la outlined reasonings to show that the wisdom realizing selflessness offers the only way to attain liberation. Now it is up to us to meditate upon it again and again. 

Beautiful Autum Life – October

Autumn brings brilliant colors to Sravasti Abbey, along with lots of outside activities—harvesting fruit, forest management, building maintenance—beautiful skies, and a brilliant moon.

108 Verses Praising Great Compassion with Geshe Dadul – September

The community looks forward to Geshe Dadul Namgyal’s insightful (and fun!) teachings each year. Though he was unable to be here in person, we met via Zoom. Over six days, Geshe la delivered profound teachings on Ven. Lobsang Tayang’s “108 Verses Praising Great Compassion called a Precious Crystal Rosary,” leading us to a deeper appreciation and understanding of great compassion.

Monastics Too Can Have Fun! – September

This month we took some time to rejuvenate and have fun on an outing to Priest Lake and to celebrate Ven. Chodron’s birthday.

Offering Service at Sravasti Abbey – September

Offering service to the Three Jewels in different ways is an essential part of everyday life at Sravasti Abbey. We clean the surrounding forest of overgrowth to protect it from fire and to support its health. We grow vegetables in our community garden, take care of the property’s infrastructure, and much more.

Labor Day Retreat 2021 – September

This year’s Labor Day weekend retreat focused on generosity, the first of the six paramitas. Ven. Chodron gave clear teachings on generosity from the book Nagarjuna on the Six Perfections and enriched each session with lots of stories.

More Ordination Pictures by Rev. Gen Heywood – August

Rev. Genevieve Heywood, pastor of the Veradale United Church of Christ in Spokane Valley, is a gifted and generous photographer. She brought her talents to capture the recent ordinations that took place at the Abbey.

Abbey Life in August

This month, we enjoyed the company of guests who helped us take care of the Abbey’s facilities and grounds. We connected with friends during Sharing the Dharma Day and offered a short weekend retreat with Ven. Sangye Khadro on mind and mental factors.

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