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Getting Honest About Attachment – May

Venerable Tsepal led a juicy two-day retreat touching on the nature of attachment, where guests and monastics got to take a deeper look at how this affliction plays a critical role in our lives, pervading most aspects our daily tasks, our choices, our actions, and our minds and hearts. We heard teachings, meditated, studied, discussed, and connected with one another on the theme of attachment.

Buddha Hall – April

Work on the outside of the Buddha Hall has picked back up now that we are into warmer and drier weather. This includes a platform on the roof to hold the ganjiras (roof spires), which will be installed in May. Finish carpenters are meticulously assembling and installing wood accents, including faux beams that match the aesthetic of Chenrezig Hall. It’s going to be beautiful!

Full Ordination – April

Five Abbey nuns participated in an incredibly enriching six-week ordination program in Taiwan, culminating in taking the bhikshuni and bodhisattva precepts. Ven. Chodron served as one of the 10 witness preceptors, while Ven. Damcho served as the translator. We also took side trips to select musical instruments for the Buddha Hall and visit various temples and monasteries. Though the Chinese robes are beautiful, we enjoyed changing back into our Tibetan robes as soon as the ordination ended!

A Journalism Stopover – April

A group of Washington State University students took a field trip to the Abbey for an overnight stay. Many are budding religion journalists, and they came to get a sense of the life of a Buddhist monastic. We led them on a tour, introduced them to breathing meditation, and taught them to mantra roll. They engaged us Q&A sessions and interviews. The group was open-minded, inquisitive, and lots of fun! We wish them all the best in their endeavors.

First Sharing the Dharma Day – April

Happy first Sharing the Dharma Day (SDD) of the year! It’s the monthly gathering where friends new and old come to explore the Buddha’s wisdom and share in community.

Sharing the Dharma at NIC! – April

After several months of solitude, a busload of eager monastics drove out to North Idaho College (NIC) to support two back-to-back talks to the public. Venerable Sangye Khadro taught on how to develop empathy and compassion in her talk “A Fearless Heart.” The next day, Venerables Ngawang and Gyatso returned to talk about our “Sameness” by sharing how we all equally want to be happy and not suffer. It was refreshing to reconnect with friends and share the teachings that transform minds.

A High School Visit! – April

West Valley High School students from Spokane took a late March field trip to the Abbey. We hosted 19 students from an Advanced Placement Human Geography class for a few short hours, talking to them about what we do here, leading a tour of the Buddha Hall and the roof ornaments, and introducing them to meditation. The whole community got to connect with them at lunch. It was a lovely visit!

Buddha Hall Construction – March

Painted rooms, light fixtures, flooring; The Buddha Hall’s unique personality is starting to show!

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