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End of Retreat Celebrations – April

Abbey residents conclude Varsa, our annual monastic retreat, with the ceremony called Pravarana in which we invite feedback from fellow monastics to restore our precepts, promote harmony, and strengthen our commitment to the Dharma. Pravarana is one of the four main ceremonies that monastic communities are required to hold each a year.

Emerging from Winter Retreat – April

After a long winter retreat, we are slowly returning to our regular Abbey schedule with teachings, meetings, grounds care, and housekeeping. We welcome the upcoming months with joy and enthusiasm and look forward to benefiting sentient beings far and wide.

End of 3-Month Winter Retreat – March

It’s been a wonderful, full retreat, with five meditation sessions daily and times of offering service to support the retreat. We are grateful to all the supporters who made this possible and commit to repaying your kindness through our deepening practice and service. We dedicate our merit to the quick awakening of all sentient beings and are grateful to continue providing the Buddha’s teachings to students far and wide.

Early Signs of Spring – March

Early spring awakens nature and gives residents more opportunities to engage in various outdoor activities to benefit sentient beings..

Tara Retreat – March

We’re still in the middle of our winter Green Tara retreat. Over the weeks the community has been going deeper into our minds and hearts. We celebrated the Day of Miracles by taking the eight Mahayana precepts and reciting all of our monastic precepts. The days have been in silence otherwise, very serene and very peaceful.

Nature’s Beauty in Winter – February

After a very mild winter, we finally had some good snow storms recently. During the winter months, we offer the local wildlife food and protection. The generosity of giving safety and food is one of the six far-reaching practices of bodhisattvas.

Retreat Life During Winter – February

During the annual winter retreat, Abbey residents connect deeply with the Dharma in order to transform our minds. This year, we are focusing on Tara’s swift compassion, trying to cultivate her qualities in order to benefit all sentient beings. We are also purifying our body, speech and mind from non-virtuous deeds done in this and previous lives. This is a rare and precious opportunity and we are grateful to all those who make this retreat possible.

Lunar New Year Celebration – February

On February 13, we celebrated Lunar New Year with a Cittamani Tara puja requested by students from Singapore and Malaysia. The event was streamed online. It was a happy and inspiring occasion as we celebrated with each other and with Arya Tara.

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