Holiday with Manjushri — July 2019

Vens. Chodron, Over 45 participants including residents spent an awakening week with Manjushri, Buddha of Wisdom. Ven. Thubten Chodron taught on the Manjushri practice as well as on Nagarjuna’s “Letter to a Friend,” a 123-verse poem that covers the entire Mahayana path. Everyone enjoyed the retreat tremendously.

Abbey Life

Abbey life in June has been rich with plenty of offering service opportunities and almost daily teachings. We make good use of the mild weather conditions to work in the garden, and forest. We very much enjoy working as a team!

Sakyadhita in Australia — June 2019

Vens. Chodron, Chonyi, and Samten journeyed to Australia for the 16th International Conference of Sakyadhita, the global organization in support of Buddhist women. The conference theme focused on New Horizons in Buddhism, which drew over 800 women and several men from around the world. Filled with talks, workshops, academic papers, and enormous good will, the nuns were happy to meet so many people and to learn to hear how they are applying Buddha’s beautiful teachings in all types of situations. More news will follow. Most of these photos are by Olivier Adam, official conference photographer. See many more on his conference Facebook page.



Vens. Chodron, Chonyi, and Samten traveled to Australia to attend the 16th International Sakyadhita Conference. Along the way, the nuns were welcomed at Vajrayana Institute in Sydney where Ven. Chodron gave teachings before the conference. She also spoke at Buddhist Library, gave a lunchtime talk to the team at Insight Timer, and video-recorded a series of teachings for Nan Tien Institute’s Humanistic Buddhism course. The Aussies were warm and generous, making the Abbey nuns feel right at home.


The Power of Genie — June 2019

Ven. Tarpa, mastermind of all things maintenance, organized a weeklong service project to paint, stain, and oil the wood on all Abbey buildings. She rented a Genie boom lift to reach the very high places and recruited volunteers from all over. Residents and friends worked a steady schedule to make maximum use of the Genie. Now the trees are trimmed and the wood sparkles. More importantly, the building facades are protected from our strong summer sun and fierce winter storms for a few more years. It was a time of great teamwork and joyous effort!


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