Winter Retreat March — March 2019

The three-month retreatants continue to focus on Vajrasattva, mind training, and the lamrim meditations. It’s a wonderful time for deep reflection and purification. We are very thankful to all supporters who make this time possible. All the merit gained from our practice is dedicated for all the supporters for their extensive kindness.

Buddhas covered in snow!— March 2019

This year the Abbey has had the fortune to receive lots of snow. The outdoor Buddhas have been covered in snow throughout the winter. It seems they are not disturbed at all but continue to be in deep samadhi.

Winter Retreat — Snow Time! — February 2019

In February we’ve had so much snow that our break times are filled with shoveling. That’s not a complaint. We are happy about the abundance of snow! It’s beautiful and good for the environment. But mainly we continue meditating and receiving precious teachings by Ven. Chodron as well as Ven. Sangye Khadro.

Wintertime! — February 2019

This year February has brought big winter storms and a deep snow accumulation. Ice cubes are forming on edges of the roofs, animals are looking for food, and Tashi, our neighbor’s dog, comes up to keep us company. Thanks to the very kind volunteers who keep bring food through the winter!

Three-Month Winter Retreatants — February 2019

This year 20 meditators—14 residents and 6 guests—are participating in our annual 3-Month Winter Retreat. We are meditating on Vajrasattva, who helps to purify negative karma and obscurations. With five meditation sessions every day, study time, regular teachings, and lots of snow shoveling, our days and nights are filled with the sounds and sights of the Dharma. May our practice be of benefit to all sentient beings!

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