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Abbey Life – July

This month we welcomed many Dharma friends that we hadn’t seen since before Covid the lockdowns began. They brought lots of joy and support to help reorganize and clean out an office, stack firewood, and nourish flowers. We also reviewed our fire safety plan and supported Ven. Semkye with spreading the ashes of her dear sister Jane, who died three years ago. We thank all our volunteers for their immense kindness and support!

Medicine Buddha Retreat 2021 – July

The Medicine Buddha is a healer whose Dharma medicine addresses the root cause of suffering. We turn to Medicine Buddha when we are sick and when loved ones are ill or dying. This July, we had the opportunity to focus on the Medicine Buddha practice for one week to support the healing of others and ourselves. Ven. Chodron also continued giving commentary on Nagarjuna’s “Letter to a Friend,” containing advice to a king on how to improve his Dharma practice.

Sharing the Dharma Day – July

The community was thrilled to reopen the Abbey’s doors by celebrating a “hybrid” Sharing the Dharma Day in July. About 20 participants joined us in person and many others online via Vimeo Livestream and Zoom. Chenrezig Hall was full of joy as we reconnected with our friends and discussed the Dharma face-to-face.

Saying Goodbye to Our Old Log Cabin – June

In the beginning, Sravasti Abbey had only four buildings—Ananda Hall, a garage (converted into a Meditation Hall), a barn, and a small log garden shed. With a little work, the shed soon became a meditation cabin. It’s been the site for many personal retreats and preliminary practices, and has occasionally served as a bedroom. But now it’s gone, having been removed to make space for a new home for our teacher Venerable Sangye Khadro. We gave the cabin to a neighbor down the road, who stopped by with his family and friends to dismantle it.

Summer Courses, Retreats, and Much More – June

June has given us lots of opportunities to benefit our environment and serve all the beings that share our land. We finished building a woodshed, hosted an Exploring Buddhism course for young adults, received teachings on the mind, and did many other fun things.

Colors of Summer – June

Brilliant blue skies, fluffy white clouds, lush green meadows, and pink and purple blossoms invite beings of all kinds to enjoy the beauty of the Abbey’s spiritual and natural abundance.

A Lively Spring – June

These days, we are spending lots of time outside in the garden and forest. We were delighted to welcome a handful of fully vaccinated guests for an Offering Service Saturday after so many months of quarantine.

Good Karma Retreat with Ven. Thubten Chodron – June 

For our annual Memorial Day Retreat, Ven. Chodron began teaching from Good Karma, her commentary on “The Wheel of Sharp Weapons” by Master Dharmarakshita. He wrote these verses on how to create the causes for happiness and avoid creating the causes for suffering centuries ago, but they are still applicable today.

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