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Sorting Out Tenets with Geshe Dadul Namgyal

September 18 @ 3:00 pm - September 22 @ 2:00 pm PDT

Geshe Dadul Namgyal

With clarity and kindness (and humor, too), Geshe Dadul Namgyal explains how technical terms are used in the different Buddhist tenet systems.

The four main Buddhist philosophical systems—Vaibhashika, Sautrantika, Chittamatra,and Madhyamaka, plus their sub-schools—all assert the Buddhist doctrine of selflessness, but each offers an increasingly subtle explanation of what that means. In Tibetan Buddhist education, studying the philosophical tenets schools is like climbing the steps of a staircase, each leading up to a subtler view, until we finally we arrive at the subtlest view of the Prasangika Madhyamikas.

A big challenge in studying tenets is this: all schools use the same or similar terms to describe an aspect of their philosophy, but the meaning of those terms is often very different from school to school.

Here is where Geshe Dadul will help.

In this short course, Geshe-la will compare how various terms are used in each of the tenet systems, including terms like “substantial existent,” “inherent existent,” and  “valid cognition.” He will also examine the two truths—conventional or veiled truth and ultimate truth—from the perspective of each tenet school.

If you’ve ever gotten lost trying to sort out the tenet systems, join Geshe Dadul for a guided a tour. We can guarantee it will be stimulating and edifying. Some background in Buddhist philosophy—and especially tenet study—is strongly advised!

Geshe Dadul is a prominent scholar. He holds a Geshe Lharampa degree (doctorate) in Buddhism and Philosophy from the Drepung Monastic University and a Master’s degree in English Literature from Panjab University in India. Geshe-la is an author, professor, translator, and has served as auxiliary interpreter for His Holiness and Dalai Lama. He is now involved with Drepung Loseling Monastery-Emory University partnership where he is preparing a six-year curriculum in Modern Science for Tibetan monasteries and nunneries. Read his full biography.

dana offering and registration form are requested to reserve your place for the retreat.

Arrive by 3:00 on Friday. Retreat begins with a live-streamed Lamrim teaching with Ven. Thubten Chodron that begins promptly at 5:55. Retreat ends after 2:00 on Tuesday.

Read all about Visiting the Abbey, including Getting Here, and Visiting Guidelines.


September 18 @ 3:00 pm PDT
September 22 @ 2:00 pm PDT
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