Nathan Robnett-Conover, who recently graduated college, is contemplating becoming a monk and attended the Exploring Monastic Life program to learn more. He wrote the following at the conclusion of the program.

So often my Dharma practice feels like wandering through a jungle, looking desperately for time to practice, friends to meditate with, and breaking trail through a thicket of stimulus, work and distractions. Yet, at the Abbey you have created a garden, manicured with care and discernment to provide a very much needed oasis of spiritual practice.

I have felt more inspired by the practitioners and practice here than I ever have before and I’ve felt deeply supported in an aspiration that for much of the rest of the world, seems crazy. Your wonderful teachings and tender community (and great chocolate chip cookies) have really been invaluable to me at this point in my path towards ordination. I consider you and the Abbey one of my spiritual homes and hope that our friendship continues for years to come.