How do people and things really exist? If the mind is the creator of our experience, does that mean nothing exists? Or do we have a permanent and independent self somewhere out there, waiting to be found?

Sravasti Abbey is delighted to welcome Geshe Dadul Namgyal back for the third year to continue to tease out such questions and more through the study of Buddhist philosophy. Fluent in English and familiar with American culture from teaching at Drepung Loseling Monastery in Atlanta, Georgia for many years, Geshe-la is especially skilled at making Buddhist philosophy accessible to Westerners, employing visual images on PowerPoint to make his teachings clear.

As with previous years, Geshe-la will draw metaphors from classical Buddhist texts that explain the Middle Way view free from the extremes of grasping at existence and falling to non-existence, unpacking them for a modern audience. This year, he will focus especially on the views of different Buddhist philosophical schools regarding the fundamental ignorance that keeps us circling in cyclic existence, which are crucial to understand to progress on the path to awakening. Prior study is not required, but you can get a taste of the previous years’ teachings here.

Geshe Dadul is also on the Sravasti Abbey Advisory Board. Visit our events page for more information on attending this retreat. You can also read his bio here.