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We rejoice in your heart of generosity

All Abbey programs are offered freely. In turn, the community lives solely by the kind offerings we receive. We call this an “economy of generosity.”

The monastics of Sravasti Abbey endeavor to live a life of generosity and simplicity. We dedicate our lives to the Buddha’s teachings, practice them earnestly, and offer them freely to others.

Thus, we do not charge a fee for the teachings we give or for the food and accommodations shared with our guests. 

We trust that people will value this way of life and work, and will respond generously by providing what is needed to live and spread the Dharma in a modern society.

This spirit of mutual generosity, respect, and care follows the age-old system the Buddha established whereby lay and monastic sanghas live interdependently, each contributing what they can so that everyone can learn and practice his teachings.

Supporting a monastic community cultivates seeds of kindness and generosity, supporting you—our benefactors—to progress along the path to enlightenment. Read more about the Economy of Generosity >

How to Give & Get Involved

Ways to Give

In addition to online offering, we appreciate your generosity of offering via mail, food offering, bequest, and more.

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Sravasti Abbey exists by the kindness of volunteers—literally. Learn how to offer service at the Abbey or from home.

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Offering Food

Abbey monastics are sustained by food offered by the lay community. Learn how you can offer food that the Abbey needs.

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Wish List

This page shows the list of items that the Abbey currently needs. We are grateful when you send items on our wish list.

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“I regret not donating earlier.  The Abbey has been the stability that has allowed Buddhism to penetrate into me.”

Amber Strong

British Columbia, Canada

“I receive so much more by giving that it just makes me want to give more and more.”

Laresa Kerstetter

Newport, OR

“I can see with my own eyes how carefully the money is being spent. Every donor dollar is treated like a precious jewel.”

Ken Mondal

Spokane, Washington

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