Build the Buddha Hall

Please join us!
Let’s make a continuous flow of merit
as we design, plan construction, and invite generosity
to build the Buddha Hall.

What is the Buddha Hall?

The Buddha Hall is the long-awaited temple space, the crown jewel of buildings at Sravasti Abbey.

No monastery is complete without its Buddha Hall. And while our beautiful log cabin Meditation Hall has served its purpose well for 16 years, it was always a temporary solution.

Now, with a resident community of 16 monastics and attendance at Abbey programs regularly surpassing 50 people, the Meditation Hall is just too small to contain all the Abbey’s Dharma activities.

The Buddha has been waiting for us, and now it’s clear: time to build the Buddha Hall.

Temple and Library

The Buddha Hall will be a two-story, 17,000-square-foot temple and library—a spiritual home for all beings.

It will support Sravasti Abbey’s daily meditation practices, regular sangha and chanting rituals, teachings, retreats, pujas, memorials, and special Dharma events.

The Buddha Hall will also contain a library, classrooms, and media room.

The Buddha Hall welcomes the sangha of the ten directions, and will be built to last for thousands of years.

What’s the plan?

The coronavirus may have slowed us down, but plans are going forward as the Sravasti Abbey building team continues to meet with the architect, engineers, builders, and others that will help build the Buddha Hall.

Tim Wilson, of Momentum Architecture, is designing the building. He designed two previous buildings for us—Gotami House and Chenrezig Hall—and is creating a beautiful, spacious Pacific Northwest design with Tibetan touches.

Scott Pfeiffer at Threshold Acoustics will ensure that you can hear every word of Dharma spoken in the main hall.

Peter and Denise Griffin of Griffin Studios will make custom Buddha statues for the main hall altar—a 10 foot Shakyamuni Buddha flanked by his attendant, Ananda, and the first nun, Mahaprajapati Gotami, who was also the Buddha’s step-mother.

Young Construction Group, local commercial builders with over 25 years experience, will build the Buddha Hall. They’ve constructed many wonderful projects in North Idaho and Eastern Washington, including several churches. We’re happy to have them guide us through the next phase of the project.

When do we start?

We had planned to begin site preparation in the summer of 2020 to be ready to start full construction in the late spring of 2021. Now, however,  we don’t know.

Like everyone else in the US and much of the world, we are watching the coronavirus situation and global economy to determine how and when to move forward. Meanwhile, however, we continue to develop plans so that we are ready to go as soon as it’s feasible to start.

Keep checking back for updates.

Final drawings. Check them out!

Check back to follow project updates.

By your effort, may the Buddha Hall become the spiritual home of all sentient beings
and a refuge of love, compassion, and wisdom
to create peace in a chaotic world.

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