Together we’ll build the Buddha Hall

A spiritual home for all beings.

The Buddha Hall is a new two-story, 17,000 square foot temple and library, the center of spiritual activity at Sravasti Abbey.

Inspired by a vision to create peace in this chaotic world, hundreds of people have joined in with their offering to bring the Buddha Hall to life.

In the Buddha Hall, we’ll learn together how to replace anxiety, anger, and fear with love, compassion, and wisdom. Will you join us?

Construction began in 2022. With your help, we aim to finish in spring 2024.

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Raise the Roof!

To fund this next phase of construction, Friends of Sravasti Abbey are launching “Raise the Roof on the Buddha Hall,” inviting you to help sponsor various aspects of the new temple.

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Starting with…

Roof Ornaments

Roof Ornaments:
raised of
as of May 28, 2023

Traditional Tibetan-style deer and Dharma wheel roof ornaments are being created now.

As an auspicious sign pointing to Buddha Hall completion, let’s raise $100,000 —to finish the custom work in Nepal, ship them to the US, paint them, and store them until the crane comes to install them on the roof of the finished Buddha Hall. Learn more >

“Raise the Roof” invites $1 million by Lama Tsongkhapa Day, December 07, 2023.

raised of
goal for 2023
as of May 19, 2023

A Landmark Day in May

The concrete slab for the upper story floor has been poured, the basis for everything that will come on the top level.

Let’s Raise the Roof!

Heather invites you to join her to “Raise the Roof” on the Buddha Hall for the Abbey’s 20th anniversary.

Deer, Dharma Wheel, and Ganjiras

Roof ornaments for the Buddha Hall are already on their way.

Chanting Mantra for the Buddha Hall

Join Chloe in reciting Shakyamuni Buddha’s mantra!

What is the Buddha Hall?

The Buddha Hall is a long-awaited temple and library, the spiritual center for teachings, study, meditation and practice.

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What’s the Plan?

Construction of the two-story, 17,000-square-foot Buddha Hall began July 2022. We expect to complete it in 2023, depending on adequate funding.

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Can I help?

Your help is the key ingredient needed to build the Buddha Hall.

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Thanks to the kindness of so many people, we are able to transmit and preserve the ordained life that has led many beings to awakening. Thank you all for your support!
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