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Buddha Hall Video Updates

We are so excited about the construction happening on the Buddha Hall! Pictures don’t always do it justice. We feel the ground shaking from the heavy equipment; hear the drills, saws, and hammers; and see the flood lamps on late at night.

We hope that you come and witness the process yourself. But if you can’t, these short, unedited video clips give you a taste of what it is like at the site.

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Roof Ornaments & More Concrete – May 2024

Excitement and inspiration came from the two-day effort to install the magnificent roof ornaments. See photos and more video here. Less flashy, but also very important, finish carpenters did beautiiful work inside, and concrete began to pour for the outdoor walkways and parking areas.


The stately ganjira, the central roof spire, is wheeled to its new home at the Buddha Hall.

Flying in the Dharma Wheel

The Genie boomlift turns out to be the best tool for flying the Dharma Wheel and deer to the top of the parapet over the grand entrance.



Outdoor walkways begin to materialize as the spring weather allows good conditions for pouring concrete.

Details Toward Completion – April 2024

Progress is going quickly now as we head toward completing the building enough to gain occupancy. The various crews are doing being beautiful work in these details.


Painters add stain to one of the doors that will invite you into the Buddha Hall’s Main Hall.

Beautiful faux beams

Carpenters install these beautiful decorative touches in the Posadha Room. Beams will grace the ceilings of the Main Hall and Tara Room as well.


Roof platform

On April 24, a construction team applies a rubber membrane to protect the platform on the Buddha Hall roof. Soon, the ganjiras (spires) will be installed atop the platform.

Painting! March 2024

In March, the focus of the work inside the Buddha Hall has been mudding, taping, sanding, priming, texturing, priming again and then painting the walls on the upper floor. The Tara Room is now a soft green color, the Posadha Room a gentle yellow color and the Dedication Room a calming blue color. The Main Hall and the other spaces will be a warm white color. The lower level is now ready to be primed, textured and painted. On we go!

Prep for Priming

Workers sand the ceiling of the lower south vestibule in preparation for priming.

Final coat

Painters apply the final paint coat in the Main Hall.


Window sill and trim

Finish carpenters install a window sill and trim in the Dedication Room.

Taping & Mudding: February 2024

At 17,000 square feet, the Buddha Hall has a lot of rooms, which means lots of walls. Mudding and taping has been the main activity lately. Taping and mudding is the process that joins pieces of drywall into a single solid wall and prepares it for painting. But that’s not all the crews are up to. Progress steadily continues .

Artistic application

Technique and artistic application go hand in hand as the mudders and tapers work the drywall.

Mudding and Taping

Jake, the foreman of the mudding and taping team, loves working curved surfaces.

Deck railing

With the installation of the deck railing almost complete, we will soon be able to safely circumambulate the Buddha Hall.

New Year Progress: January 2024

Myriad details are slowly coming together as we head towards Buddha Hall completion.

Mudding Sheetrock in the Tara Room

They’re preparing the walls for painting. Thanks to each of you who offered to support the Tara Room! Wait ’til you see it finished. Beautiful!

Moving Power Cords

Watch these guys get these four power cords into a 2-inch tube that will run from the elevator to the electrical panels on the north end of the building.

HVAC Makes for Stunning Visuals

The shapes and colors of the components that will run the geothermal heating and cooling and the radiant lower floor heating are visually stunning.

Winter Building Again: November 30-December 14, 2023

Work on the Buddha Hall continues inside and out. The heroic outdoor teams keep at it, despite winter’s return.

Future Home of the Roof Ornaments

On November 30, the framers positioned and attached the wooden mount where the three ganjiras (spires) will eventually be attached. They should be visible from every direction, signaling that THIS is a Buddha Hall!

Pounding the Fill

The excavators found a break from the rain and the snow to continue to prepare this area; compacting the structural fill is a prelude to a concrete pour for ADA parking.

Stucco Revealed

The stucco crew had “tented” the upper east side of the Buddha Hall in order to complete the stucco, despite rain, snow, and sub-freezing temps. They were jubilant when they could finally dismantle the scaffolding and tenting. They’re as pleased as we are with the beautiful result.

Necessary Next Steps: November 16-22, 2023

Much of the work on the Buddha Hall is very important, but will soon be hidden from sight. Our attention may not be on these components when we practice in the Buddha Hall, but they are all essential for us being able to use it.

ADA Parking

The finishing touches are put on the concrete pour of the sidewalk and ADA parking area on the south side of the Buddha Hall.

Downstairs Ductwork

Here is a view of the maze of duct work and conduit in the lower floor of the Buddha Hall that will soon be covered up with ceiling tiles.

Big Water System Work

The maneuvering of these massive pieces of concrete (part of the water system) takes skill and fortitude.

Sheetrock and Siding: November 6-7, 2023

Our visualization is becoming a reality! The inside is quite different with so much sheetrock installed – it finally feels like a building where we will practice and share the Dharma soon.

Dry wall in the Main Hall

The dry wall team uses a scissor lift to reach all the way to the high ceilings of the main hall. They are making excellent progress on sheeting in both the upper and lower floors.

Fiber Cement Siding

The framers skillfully attach fiber cement siding to the upper west side of the Buddha Hall, even in wet weather.

Big Machine

Technology, when it works, really makes life so much easier! Many loads of sheet rock have been lifted into the Buddha Hall and the workers are attaching them at a rapid pace.

October Progress: October 19, 2023

We finally see the roof ornaments in their full golden-glory. Swift progress continues on the important (but less shiny) interior parts of the building.

Painting the Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel and its base were the first roof ornaments to be painted a gold color. This is a difficult task, since the surfaces have so many angles and details.

Scissor Lift for Fire Suppression

Installing the fire suppression system requires the use of many scissor lifts to reach different heights throughout the building, both inside and out.

Innovation with Insulation

This shows the innovative way of carrying bundles of insulation by inserting hands into the packing and “backpacking” them in.

September Progress: September 28, 2023

All kinds of crews are working long hours every day toward finishing the Buddha Hall.

North Side View

Watch the work going on on the north side of the Buddha Hall. You can see the framers and roofers at work on the teacher’s wing, and watch the stucco team doing their prep work.

Speedy Shingle Team

Here’s the speedy team shingling the Buddha Hall’s north side and the teacher’s wing.

West Side Structural Fill and Stucco

Watch the Buddha Hall crew compact the structural fill to build the retaining wall on the west side of the hall. Note the sandfilter in the background and the stucco guys doing their prep work.

Geothermal Wraps Up: September 15, 2023

With the geothermal tubes in place in the ground, the soil is returned and steps taken to help the meadow recover.

Geothermal Channels

This shows some of the channels dug to accommodate the geothermal tubes. The geothermal field takes up about 55 thousand sq ft of the upper meadow. This has been a most exacting task that has been executed very well by Colby and his team, IVR Excavation.

Straw Wattles in the Dirt

The IVR Excavation team is installing biodegradable straw wattles that help prevent erosion on the geothermal field.

Coiled Wattles

These coils will soon be unfurled and attached to the ground with wooden spikes. Fairly soon the geothermal field will be hydro-seeded, restoring the upper meadow to it’s previous beautiful state: different tall grasses with a variety of colorful hues.

More than Appearance: September 6-8, 2023

The stucco work begins on the outside of the upper floor and the functional-yet-attractive retaining wall bricks are installed on the east side. Progress continues on infrastructure as well, such as the sand traps for the septic system.

Installing the Retaining Wall on the East Side

This past week, crews installed  the first (of three) retaining walls. As they carefully set the blocks in place, the owner of the company told us, “These blocks are not going anywhere, regardless of the amount of precipitation that may come.”

Pouring the Slab for the Sand Trap

The Buddha Hall septic system has a complex design that includes two sand filters.  The pour required a larger crew than usual, because the type of concrete used for this system is very dense. It demands a lot more effort to move it around!

Stucco Team has Returned

The stucco team is back! Now they are working on the upper floor of the Buddha Hall. Sparks fly as they carefully cut the steel mesh.

Concrete Pours Galore: August 8-18, 2023

The crew has poured concrete for the walls of the teacher’s wing, the deck that wraps most of the way around the upper floor of the Buddha Hall, and the sidewalk around the lower floor.

Concrete for the Teacher’s Wing

The second and final pour of the walls of the teacher’s wing went smoothly. One of the workers commented that it is so much easier to work with Faswall blocks in the summer when they are not wet, or frozen; they are so much lighter to lift.

All Hands on Deck

The number of people needed to pour the deck of the Buddha Hall was impressive. In this clip you can see furthest out the people dealing with putting down the concrete, on the right side are two people in a genie smoothing the concrete so that it slopes towards the edge, and in the foreground one person is misting the concrete.

Graceful and Strong

After pouring the deck, the team began to pour the sidewalk that runs around the lower level of the Buddha Hall. The graceful sweeps of the leveling tools make it look so easy, but this comes from years of practice.

Important Details: August 1-3, 2023

Many of the components of the Buddha Hall are in place, but plenty of work remains to be done.

Building the Walls of the Teacher’s Wing

The walls of the teacher’s wing are in the process of being built. This part of the Buddha Hall will house our guest teachers!

Staining Beams and Columns

The douglas fir columns and the yellow cedar horizontal beams have been stained a beautiful warm, reddish brown color; a beautiful complement to the color of the stucco.

Sand Traps

This is one of two sand traps that are located west of the Buddha Hall. The next step in this construction is to have the slab poured.

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