Together we’ll build the Buddha Hall

A spiritual home for all beings.

You are essential

Your gifts have accumulated well over the half the funds needed to finish the Buddha Hall.

The Abbey still needs an additional $2 milion to finish in 2024.

Buddha reminds us that a bucket is filled by many individual drops. In the same way, our individual kind actions add up to great achievements.

Now, caring people are coming together, each adding their “drops” —small or large —into the bucket of resources needed to complete the Buddha, Hall.

Through your “drops” of support, we will build the Buddha Hall.

Guests and residents pose in front of Buddha Hall site.

Many ways you can help

Monthly Pledge

Pledge to give monthly until the Buddha Hall is finished.
Do this easily online. Click the box “Show my support by making this a recurring donation.” You choose the frequency. You can choose credit card or electronic transfer from your account.

You can now make a monthly pledge with PayPal.

Or ask for multiple giving envelopes to send your checks.


By check
Send a check in US dollars payable to Sravasti Abbey, P.O. Box 447, Newport, WA 99156, USA

Give easily online up to $10,000. (Note that the Abbey pays 3% on these transactions

Via PayPal
Give once or give monthly. Choose the Buddha Hall fund.

Electronic Fund Transfer
Download the electronic-fund-transfer form and send to the Abbey.

Stock Transfer
Write to complete the Abbey’s Securities Transfer Form.

International Bankwire
Write to transfer funds by wire. Recommended method for amounts of $500 or more.

Corporate Matching
You can double your gift to the Abbey if you or your partner work for a company with a matching gift program. The Abbey has a Benevity account, or ask your employer for a matching gift form.

Practice & Prayers

When you dedicate the merit or good karma from your meditations and service, please include successful completion of the Buddha Hall in your prayers.

Mantra recitation
Join a network of meditators who are doing the Shakyamuni Buddha meditation practice regularly, reciting the Buddha’s mantra, and dedicating the merit for this project. Learn more here.

Personal Action

Facebook Fundraiser
Organize your own Facebook fundraiser in honor of your birthday, your refuge date, or just because you want to help build the Buddha Hall.

Personal Fundraiser
Organize your own event, in-person or online, to talk about the Abbey, the importance of the Buddha Hall, and invite your friends to join in. The Abbey will provide videos and support materials. Depending on our schedule, we can attend by Zoom, lead a meditation, or help in ways you suggest.
Want to talk about it? Write us.

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Thanks friends for coming! May every sentient being come across the Dharma and transform their hearts and minds, and may this eventually lead us all to full awakening.
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