Buddha Hall Mantra

New goal: 10 million mantra recitations!

Since 2019, friends of Sravasti Abbey have been meditating on the Buddha and reciting Buddha’s mantra. Joining our mantra recitations with a network of meditators worldwide, we’ve accumulated over 8 million recitations!

Thinking about the Buddha, recalling his qualities, and deepening our refuge in the Three Jewels—Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha—brings joy to our hearts and helps to purify our minds.

Then we dedicate the merit of our virtuous actions to relieve suffering and bring lasting joy to all beings. We are also dedicating our merit to build the Buddha Hall, a spiritual home for people of all backgrounds to learn and practice love, compassion, and wisdom.

With your help, the Buddha Hall project is moving steadily forward.

Let’s keep chanting Buddha’s mantra — om mune mune maha muneya soha — and dedicate for the welfare of all beings!

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Let’s keep the mantras going!  

New goal: 10,000,000
mantra recitations

Thanks for your joyous effort and offerings. 

9,444,714 as of June 15, 2024

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