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Posadha Room: Where ritual unfolds

What makes a monastery a monastery?

The presence of monks or nuns. Ideally, four or more fully ordained ones, who can do the rites the Buddha gave for a fully functioning harmonious Sangha.

It’s very rare in the West to have all conditions to do these rites. Sravasti Abbey does them.

But with the growing community and increasing guests, we’re running out of space to do them.

That’s why the new Buddha Hall will have a Posadha Room. Read why Heather supports the Posadha Room.

What’s a Posadha Room?

It’s where we’ll give novice ordinations and perform the monastic ceremonies that maintain a virtuous and harmonious monastic community.

It’s named for Posadha (Sojong in Tibetan), which occurs twice a month. At Posadha, monks and nuns to declare our mistakes and restore or recommit to keeping our monastic precepts. We’ll do other monastic ceremonies there, too, like entering Varsa and giving Pravarana. Read more about these ceremonies here.

Keeping these monastic commitments well is the bedrock of a sangha’s ethical discipline and the key to community harmony.

While our lay friends never see Posadha and the other ceremonies, you directly benefit from them.

When the sangha is in harmony, so are the lay friends, visitors, and guests.

A sangha community that is strong in its ethical conduct can be trusted for spiritual support.

When the sangha is conscientious in its ethical behavior they are trustworthy guides and friends on the spiritual path.

The Posadha Room will also be used for group meditations and small classes for everyone—monastic and lay—when it’s available.

Why do you need a separate room?

Sangha activities like posadha and other important rites are private. Yet with the size of the Abbey’s community now, it’s hard to find a private space.  When the monastery is full of guests—as we want it to be—it’s nearly impossible to find a place to carry out these sacred rites.

Right now, we often do these precious ceremonies in the dining room! It’s where we have the most space.

Your support for the Posadha Room is a tremendous support for the sangha. Your offerings are welcomed.

The Buddha Hall is a new temple and library, a place to learn the remedies to anxiety, anger, and fear, cultivate love and compassion, and share these methods freely with all who seek them.

The Buddha Hall will:

  • Expand the meditation hall capacity for teachings and events to 100
  • Offer a dedicated room for monastic rites
  • Create a library to house thousands of Dharma books
  • Improve the quality of online Dharma events
  • Increase office space
  • Be a home for beautiful religious art
  • Provide a beautiful temple, the center of religious activity

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