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Help build the Tara Room

Thank you for helping build the Tara Room in the new Buddha Hall

The Tara Room is a special practice space dedicated to the well-loved female deity, Tara.

A side room off the main hall, Tara Room, provides space for small-group Dharma teachings, meditation, and contemplation. It’s a place to purify past actions and take refuge in the Buddha’s enlightened activities, a place to reach out to “Mummy Tara.”

The entire ambiance with visuals of Tara, beaming joy, will inspire tranquility and devotion as beginning and seasoned practitioners alike share the Dharma.

We have met our goal for the Tara room, but you can still donate to the Buddha Hall.

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Render of the Tara Room

Galleries of Holy Objects for the Tara Room

The Buddha Hall is a new temple and library, a place to learn the remedies to anxiety, anger, and fear, cultivate love and compassion, and share these methods freely with all who seek them.

The Buddha Hall will:

  • Expand the meditation hall capacity for teachings and events to 100
  • Offer a dedicated room for monastic rites
  • Create a library to house thousands of Dharma books
  • Improve the quality of online Dharma events
  • Increase office space
  • Be a home for beautiful religious art
  • Provide a beautiful temple, the center of religious activity

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