Together we’ll build the Buddha Hall
A spiritual home for all beings.

The Buddha Hall is a new two-story, 17,000 square foot temple and library, the center of spiritual activity at Sravasti Abbey. Construction began in 2022, with completion expected in spring 2024.


The Buddha Hall is a practice and learning center for monastics and lay practitioners to bring forth the goodness in our own hearts, and then share the tools with others.

It will support Sravasti Abbey’s daily meditation practices, regular sangha and chanting rituals, teachings, retreats, pujas, memorials, and special Dharma events.

Adorned with beautiful Buddha images, its three meditation halls, library, classrooms, and quiet spaces invite us to delve deeply into Buddha’s profound teachings.

The Abbey community is so excited to be able to increase our ability to offer the Dharma to people far and wide.

Main Hall

The Main Hall will be the principal teaching and meditation space.

A large, central altar will command the space, filled with images of enlightened beings: a ten-foot seated Shakyamuni Buddha, flanked by smaller statues of Venerable Ananda, the Buddha’s faithful attendant, and Venerable Mahaprajapati Gotami, the first Buddhist nun, who was also the Buddha’s stepmother.

Equipped for superb sound and live streaming, the Main Hall will seat up to 100 people.

Tara Room

The Tara Room will be a more intimate meditation space, with seats for up to 50. Teachings and meditations can be video recorded or broadcast live.

Posadha Room

The Posadha Room will be dedicated for monastic rituals. Prescribed by the Buddha himself, the rites of bi-monthly confession and restoration of precepts, and the annual “rains” retreat and concluding feedback ceremony are the marks of a fully qualified ordained sangha. It is rare to find a sangha in the West that can do these ceremonies, and we rejoice at the opportunity!

Dedication Room

The Dedication Room will be a quiet place to memorialize deceased dear ones and to make special prayers for the living.

Library and Learning

The ground floor features a large library for Tibetan, Chinese, and English texts. It also includes a media room, and Dharma classrooms that allow us to both broadcast teachings and receive instruction from afar.  

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Large face of Buddha in front; two standing statues behind. Looking straight on.

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