Ways to Give

Ways to Give

So many ways to get involved!

 Simplest way to give?

Safely online.

Ways to Give

Donations Online—One Time or Monthly

Setting up a monthly withdrawal from your credit card is easy, and our giving page is secure.

Of course, we welcome your one-time gift too!

Donations by Check

Send a check in US dollars payable to Sravasti Abbey, P.O. Box 447, Newport, WA 99156, USA

Ship gifts and materials to 692 Country Lane, Newport, WA 99156

Donations by Electronic Fund Transfer

  • Monthly or Quarterly

You can give regularly by electronic transfer. Download the electronic-fund-transfer form and send to the Abbey.

Donations by Stock Transfer

Please write Ven. Chonyi at the Abbey office to let us know you want to donate stock. She will send you the Abbey’s Securities Transfer Form.

Donations by International Bankwire

Contact Ven. Chonyi at the Abbey office to transfer funds by wire. We recommend this method for amounts of $3000 or more.

Matching Gifts

You can double your gift to the Abbey if you or your partner work for a company with a matching gift program.

Planned Giving

See our Bequests page for ways to include Sravasti Abbey in your will.

Tax-Free IRA Rollover

If you are 70½ years old or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to benefit Sravasti Abbey and receive tax benefits in return. You can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to a qualified charity like the Abbey without having to pay income taxes on the money. You can make this type of offering annually.

 Amazon Smile

If you shop at Amazon, please consider selecting Sravasti Abbey as your charity on AmazonSmile. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the Abbey.


Operating Fund

The most flexible way to direct your gift. The Operating Fund keeps the Abbey running, supports all Dharma programs, and maintains the monastery. When people say, “Use this where you need it most,” this is where we place your gift.

Building Fund

The Building Fund is most active when we have a specific building project. Gifts offered to the Building Fund are stored safely here until it’s time to build again. Next project, sometime in the future: a temple.

Sangha Food Fund

The Abbey doesn’t buy groceries out of the operating fund. Following Buddha’s guidelines, we only eat food that is offered. The Sangha Food Fund helps local Friends of Sravasti Abbey make offerings of food to the community. Learn more on the Offering Food page.

Sangha Medical Fund

We require Abbey residents to carry health insurance. However, insurance doesn’t always cover the full costs of medical care. The Sangha Medical Fund supports monks and nuns when healthcare is not covered by their insurance or personal savings.

Bev's personal way to give is to offer beautiful stained glass creations for Abbey buildings.

Our Philosophy

The Abbey community seeks to live a life of generosity and simplicity.

Buddha’s teachings are priceless. We received them freely from our teachers. In turn, we do not charge a fee for the teachings we give or for the food and accommodations we share with guests.

This spirit of mutual generosity, respect, and care follows the age-old system the Buddha established whereby lay and monastic sanghas live interdependently, each contributing what they can so that everyone can learn and practice his teachings.

Supporting a monastic community cultivates seeds of kindness and generosity, enabling you—our benefactors—to progress along the path to enlightenment.

Ron offers a 3-dimensional Tara mandala.

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