Wish List

Wish List

People ask, “What do you need?”

Here’s our current wish list.

We are grateful when you send items from this wish list. Your generosity supports the Abbey to extend open-heartedness to others. If you wish to send an item, send a message to us. Let us know:

  • which item you are sending
  • your name
  • where you live
  • when you will send the item

Abbey monastics dedicate for the well-being of all donors, but if you have a special dedication you would like us to make, please tell us in the email.

Please send items to:

Sravasti Abbey
692 Country Lane
Newport WA 99156 USA

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General Wish List


Needed as soon as possible:

  • 6 extra-firm mattresses (single) – both used and new are welcome
  • 6 metal bed frames (single) – see example below


Current Needs

  • Dish washing brushes with handles
  • Winter cleats
  • Unscented body lotion
  • Yellow manila envelopes 6 x 9
  • Cat litter, unscented
  • Chai spices: cardamom seeds, cardamom pods, cardamom powder, & masala powder
  • Air clean (GN) 3D efficiency original Miele vacuum bags


To be good stewards of the earth, we request that all paper products be made with recycled paper. Thanks for helping to preserve our world.

Household & cleaning supplies

  • Industrial size dishwashing liquid – unscented (NOT dishwasher detergent)
  • Batteries:  Button cell batteries AG/LR 44 — 100
  • Batteries CR 2032 — 50
  • Gift certificates:  Home Depot, Lowe’s, or our local hardware store: Albeni Falls True Value in Oldtown, Idaho.(1-800-676-3153

Garden & forestry supplies

Office & study supplies

  • Recycled white copy paper
  • Recycled colored copy paper, especially yellow and goldenrod
  • Address labels
  • Printer toner: HP 62 Combo Pack
  • Printer ink cartridges: Canon 40 & 41 for Canon MX300
  • Printer ink cartridges: Primera 53606 Bravo 4100 Series Printer Ink Multipak
  • Printer ink cartridges: Canon PGI – 225 & CCI c/m/y Color ink cartridges Combo 4 pack
  • Printer ink cartridges: HP 63 (for HP ENVY 4520)


  • Air miles for monastic travel to conferences and teachings

Would you like to send soft-bound books to prison Dharma practitioners? Let us know. We’ll send you the name and address so you can send them directly.

Want to make a food offering? Go the the Food Offering page.

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Sravasti Abbey

692 Country Lane
Newport WA 99156 USA


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