The journeys of the Buddha Hall roof ornaments—deer, Dharma wheel, and ganjiras or spires—and the 21 Tara paintings for the Buddha Hall’s Tara Room continue to unfold.
Samten Regan and Venerable Thubten Tsultrim connect before the procession to the Hall.

Arya Taras Return from Framing

The paintings of Arya Tara that Ven. Pema commissioned from classical thangka painters in Nepal returned from the frame shop. Thanks to everyone whole helped with the frames. They’re beautiful!

Arya Tara is a beloved figure in Tibetan Buddhism. She is the manifestation of the buddhas’ enlightened activity, and appears in many forms. The Abbey’s new Buddha Hall will have a room dedicated to Tara.

The Tara Room will be a smaller practice and teaching space right next to the Buddha Hall’s large main hall. These twenty-one Tara paintings will adorn the walls.

The newly framed Taras made a brief appearance in the Cherenzig Hall dining room before being packed and safely stored until the Tara Room is completed. Check out the floor plan here.


Roof Ornaments Arrive from Nepal

Abbey nuns hold up the merit robe for all to see

We have eagerly awaited the arrival of the exquisitely-crafted traditional ornaments that will grace the Buddha Hall roof. A pair of deer, a Dharma wheel, and three traditional Tibetan spires called ganjira will be installed when the roof is ready.

The shipment was large and heavy, and everyone carefully traced its journey from Nepal. At last the well-packed crates finally arrived at Sean’s warehouse near Spokane. That’s a 7,000 mile journey!

An Abbey team opened each crate, awestruck by the beautiful copper ornaments they found inside. Satisfied that everything had arrived safely, they repacked the ornaments into their boxes.

Painting is the next step. Item by item, the ornaments will go to a local auto body shop where a master auto painter will paint them gold. Finally, they will be installed when the weather is cooperative.

So many people have helped support the roof ornaments, the grand entrance where the deer and Dharma wheel will reside, the Tara frames, and much more. Thank you!

Truly, this Buddha Hall is being built “by the people.” And it will be used “for the people” for as long Sravasti Abbey shares the Dharma.

We all share and rejoice in the tremendous merit of building this Buddha Hall. Thank you all!