Stephen Taul, the Dharma student and architect that designed Prajna Cottage, wrote this poem for Ven. Chodron in honor of the completion of the new abbess residence, Prajna Cottage.


At Home, at Peace

May your home protect you, shelter you;

may it support you, inspire you.

With a smooth, level floor of equanimity

and solid walls of love, compassion and joy.


May it bring you peace and contentment,

lasting happiness and delight.

The soaring roof of wisdom

that stretches to the sky.


May its three doors remain open

with Dharma light spreading everywhere.

To your perfect dwelling place,

May you work there for our benefit forever more.


And may I too abide in a place such as yours

Not one of material form, but formed of mental states

Those states that I have learned from you and

May they become my protector and inspiration evermore.

Stephen Taul

In the Dharma,