Rebecca did the one-month winter retreat on refuge with the Abbey community and wrote this poem at the conclusion.

I have found strength
Joyous strength
Capable of bestowing love.

It is humble
For it has
Arisen in dependence upon
A goal not yet actualized
In self or other.

It is the strength of potential
A wellspring of joy
In the thousand arms and eyes
That will
Arise in dependence upon
The perfection of wisdom and love,
The source of true power.

It is the strength of inspiration
Arisen in dependence upon
A glimpse of the bodhi mind
Seen shimmering at
The heart of all sentient beings
The seed of ultimate attainment.

It is the strength to be wrong.
To abide in the recognition of
Erroneous appearances
The illusory dance of solidity
That has captivated for so long.

It is the strength of responsibility,
Accepted to embark in solitude
For emancipation that embraces all.
Yet physical solitude is simply
Another mistaken display.

For the HUM ay my heart
Vibrates with the
Remembrance that dispels all torment.
The stainless purity that connects us all.

From you, blessed one, these thoughts arise.
With you, blessed one, I’ll train the bodhi mind.

Rebecca Llewellyn
February, 2016