Please join me in supporting Sravasti Abbey

to create peace in a chaotice world.


Dear everyone,

The last two years have been a challenge. I don’t know anyone in the world who doesn’t feel that in a deeply personal way.

Do you?

And yet I feel so incredibly blessed to receive inspiration and guidance from everyone at Sravasti Abbey every day.

Through their kindness, practice, and their devoting their whole lives to the Dharma, you and I receive spiritual support and a refreshing dose of kindness and humor whenever we tune in. I am so grateful.

You may have that same gratitude.

That’s why I’m inviting your support for all the Abbey does to create peace in a chaotic world.


Is your story like mine?

My name is Cheri. I first met Venerable Thubten Chodron and Sravasti Abbey online. This was many years ago when I lived in Memphis, Tennessee, far from Sravasti Abbey. I joined a Retreat from Afar.

That first time, I made a small offering to help support the retreat and received a letter from Venerable Chodron rejoicing in my generosity. She told me that I was creating the causes for attending retreats in person someday.

She was spot on! A few years later I moved to Washington State, just an hour’s drive from the Abbey, and was able to attend retreats in person!

Like a pure land

On my first visit, Venerable Chodron was teaching overseas, but I could feel her presence in every corner of the Abbey and in every monastic’s attitude. There was so much joy, kindness, and open warm heartedness. Just this happiness everywhere! I felt like I had stepped into a little pure realm.

This happens every single time I go up to the Abbey, no matter how many times I visit.

Even though Covid has paused visits for now, the Abbey makes sure you and I can still access that pure land. We can find support and guidance ‘round the clock all year long. Amazing! They do this for you and me. And all sentient beings.

The Abbey allows all of us—near and far, one and all—an opportunity to benefit through our practicing generosity.

Sunset over trees and monastery building

Every part of the Abbey exists because of people like you giving from their hearts

This amazing place where they never charge for teachings, ever.

Where everything they need completely depends on the kindness of others.

Where they give so full of confidence in the Buddha’s teachings of dependent arising, all the time.

This unbelievable place has arisen ALL from generosity.

When I see the beautiful forest, the meditation spaces, the guest rooms, and the welcoming Chenrezig Hall, I see a manifestation of pure love and generosity

Nun teaches in front of altar

Generosity will build the Buddha Hall

And now a Buddha Hall will be built next year, another magnificent addition to Sravasti Abbey. A temple for wisdom and compassion.

It, too, depends on and will bebuilt from our generosity.

So give, give, give. Please don’t miss this rare and magnificent opportunity to be a part of something that will spread the Buddha’s authentic Dharma for a long, long time to come.

To be a part of this means being a part of everything that happens in that Buddha Hall. For as long as the Buddha Hall stands and serves the Buddhadharma, you will be a part of the ongoing merit rippling out across the world benefiting yourself and others.

Our world so badly needs love and kindness and wisdom and compassion and generosity.

People in field near sign

Your kind gift—whether to the General Fund, the Buddha Hall, or both—will help so much.

Thank you and much love,

Cheri Langston
Friend of Sravasti Abbey