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One day events, weekend retreats, and longer courses.

Beginners are welcome. Long time practitioners too.
Find a program that suits you and come check it out!

For the time being, the Abbey is closed to visitors.

All programs are offered online.

See the array of teachings and retreats offered on Vimeo Livestream and Zoom

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Look for this icon on the Event Schedule for activities at the Abbey.

One Day Events


Sharing the Dharma Day

A Buddhist nun laughs in a crowdOffered on Vimeo Livestream during the Covid time

One Sunday a month from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm.

2020 dates: November 22, December 6
2021 dates: March 28.
Remaining dates TBD

Guided meditation, a teaching on the topic of the day, vegetarian potluck, and facilitated discussion. Sharing the Dharma Day is a great introduction to the Abbey.

Dates and details are on the Event Schedule.

Offering Service Saturday

blankOne Saturday a month in the warm season 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Canceled during Covid time. check back for dates in 2021

These are lots of fun—work-party days to take care of Abbey tasks—from canning peaches to weeding the garden to bringing in firewood. Opportunities for all skills, ages, and abilities. Vegetarian potluck and optional guided meditation included. Find more information in the Volunteer page.

Dates and details are on the Event Schedule.

Retreats & Courses

These days, in the time of Covid, all retreat and courses are online. See the Event Schedule.

When we’re open again, come for a weekend, a week, or even a month.
Residential courses come in all sizes. Learn in community with a full schedule of teachings, meditation, and structured discussion. Commuter options are usually available too.

Ven. Thubten Chodron, Abbey founder and abbess, is our resident teacher. Browse her teachings in the videos below. We host outstanding guests teachers too.

Abbey nuns and monks also give instruction and meditation support.


Retreats and courses give you a chance to unplug. Take a break from cell phones and email. Settle into natural beauty and the Buddha’s wisdom.

Most retreats hold “noble silence”—no talking except at designated times.

Browse courses and retreats on the Event Schedule

Annual Events

Memorial Day Retreat

The three-day weekend offers a prime time for an annual retreat.

Check the Event Schedule or Register to attend.

Week-long Deity Retreat

Meditation focuses on a particular Buddhist deity—Chenrezig (Buddha of Compassion), Green Tara, or Medicine Buddha, for example. We offer instruction on the practice as well as teachings from a classic text. Suitable for new and experienced meditators.

The retreat is held in silence.

See the Events Schedule for next date & topic.

Labor Day Retreat

Another three-day weekend retreat, this one focusing on how to develop meditative concentration. Sign up early for this popular silent retreat.

Check the Event Schedule or Register to attend.

Young Adults Explore

For young people 18-29, a summer week-long course to explore life’s big questions from a Buddhist view. Includes outdoor work in our beautiful forest and gardens.

Find out more.

Exploring Monastic Life

For Buddhists wondering about being a monk or nun and newly ordained monastics. For three weeks in August, live in the monastery, receive teachings, and clarify your aims. Admission by application.

Find out more.

One-month Winter Retreat

For meditators who are ready to go deeper in the Dharma. We unplug completely, keep silence, and do five meditations and one study session daily. This is a group retreat on a specific topic or deity. Admission is by application.

Find out more.

Discussion groups are a key activity at Dharma courses.
Meditation brings a calmer and kinder mind.

“May the Abbey last for 1,000 years and become home to 10,000 monastics studying, contemplating and practicing…”

Jodi Gulka

Alberta, Canada

“I feel more at home at the Abbey than anywhere else in the world.”

Rachel Simons

Missoula, Montana

“After being at the Abbey for an hour … I was able to see the Dharma manifested and flourishing everywhere.”


Moscow, Idaho

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