Retreat from Afar

Join the Winter Retreat from Afar

We spend every winter in silent retreat.
Only a few can join in person.  But hundreds meditate in the Retreat from Afar.

What Is It?

Retreat from Afar 
coincides with the Abbey’s annual winter meditation retreat. It’s during the same time frame and meditating on the same topic as the people at the Abbey.

To join in, you commit to do at least one practice session of the Winter Retreat meditation every day. Depending on the topic of this year’s retreat, there may be a commitment to recite a certain number of mantras as well.

People love doing Retreat from Afar, and about 200 people join in every year. It supports “distance meditators” to maintain a regular daily practice, deepen their understanding of the Dharma, and gain insights into their life.

In addition, their practice supports the people doing retreat at the Abbey.

To sign up

  • Please email our coordinator.
  • Send a photo of yourself to post in the Abbey’s Chenrezig Hall during the retreat to symbolize your participation. The resident meditators love looking at your faces and thinking of you as we practice.

Bodhisattva Breakfast Corner talks on YouTube offer teachings on the practice and general retreat advice. You can stay also in touch with the retreat on the Abbey’s Facebook page.

Read about Lynne’s life-changing Retreat from Afar.

Program Specifics

February 14 – March 30, 2018


Amitabha Buddha Retreat

Red Amitabha Buddha

Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite Light. Amitabha practice helps to create the conditions by which ordinary beings can be reborn into the pure land of Sukhavati, where everything is conducive for Dharma practice.

Guidelines for to how prepare for the retreat are here. Find the practice sadhana here and watch an ongoing series of videos on YouTube where Venerable Chodron explains each part of the sadhana in detail. Transcripts of the videos are also available here.

You can also listen to Ven. Chodron’s teachings on the practice at an Amitabha retreat in Russia last year.



Join a global community that meditates together every day.

“My practice is most stable during the Retreat from Afar. I tangibly feel the support of everyone at the Abbey and around the world.”

Susan Mitchell

Cataldo, Idaho

Founded by
Ven. Thubten Chodron

Endorsed by
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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