A letter from Heather Duchscher on behalf of Friends of Sravasti Abbey

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Since I’ve been studying the Buddha’s teachings, Venerable Chodron has emphasized setting a solid foundation for our practice. From that foundation, the rest of our practice is stable and we really start to grow and flourish in the Dharma.

Happy Birthday, Sravasti Abbey!

This is the Abbey’s 20th anniversary year, and we want to fund this Buddha Hall.

Your generous gifts have given the Buddha Hall a firm foundation, and we are grateful.

And there’s still a whole lot more to do before we’ll add the final touches.

To fund this next phase of construction, Friends of Sravasti Abbey are launching a “Raise the Roof on the Buddha Hall” campaign, inviting you to help sponsor various aspects of the new temple.

We can do it! Here’s how.

We’ll post sponsorship opportunities on our website for various rooms and features. Your gifts will join with others to “fund” that specific element.

Let’s start with the roof ornaments! 

Traditional Tibetan-style deer and Dharma wheel ornaments will adorn the Buddha Hall roof. Their presence shows all who see them that this temple is home to the Buddha and his teachings. Learn more about them.

The roof ornaments will be the last final, finishing touch on the Buddha Hall. First we’ll need to raise the roof and finish everything inside inside. 

Roof Ornaments:
raised of
as of May 26, 2023

Let’s raise $100,000 by Vesak

This will help finish the work on these holy objects, ship, and store them as construction crews lay the slab, finish the walls, and literally raise the roof.

This whole project brings me joy! Let’s share it.

Please join me in offering what you can as often as you can to help Raise the Roof on the Buddha Hall.

By “raising the roof” one project at a time, we aim to raise at least $1 million by Lama Tsongkhapa Day, December 7, 2023.

Heather Duchscher
Friends of Sravasti Abbey