Lhabab Duchen is Saturday, November 4

Celebrating the day Buddha returned from the god realm after teaching the Dharma to his mother. All merit created on this day is multiplied 100,000 times.

What is Lhabab Duchen?

Lhabab Duchen is the anniversary of the day that the Buddha descended from the God Realm of the Thirty-three where he had been teaching his mother the Dharma. The Buddha had been away for three months, and his return was a joyous occasion for countless disciples.

Lhabab Duchen is a Tibetan word, literally, “the great occasion of divine descent.” It’s one of the four main holy days of the Buddhist calendar when we celebrate the Buddha’s life and teachings.

Seated gold Buddha

When a Wheel-turning Buddha — a fully awakened being who sets the Dharma in motion in a particular time — is on Earth it’s a time of incredible fortune. People of that historical era have tremendous merit.

In our case, although we didn’t have the fortune to be born at the time of the Buddha, we have the fortune to receive his teachings from a pure lineage that goes back to him. Rejoice in that!

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How to practice on Lhabab Duchen

Community rejoices after ordination.