Light Offering in Bodhgaya

40 days of light offerings for peace in the world &
to create merit for Sravasti Abbey’s Buddha Hall.

What is it?

You can join Venerable Thubten Chodron and her students in Bodhgaya, India at the New Year teachings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Venerable and Dharma friends will begin lighting candles at the holy Maha Bodhi Temple, site of the Buddha’s enlightenment, on December 28.

They will dedicate merit, offer prayers for peace, and recite the names of everyone who has offered funds, prayers, mantras, or good wishes in 2022 to help build Sravasti Abbey’s new Buddha Hall.

Light offerings will continue through February 6, 2023 (16th Day of the Lunar New Year.)

It’s easy to join in any of the ways listed below. Please reply by December 18! 

You can:

The Lights in Bodhgaya Ceremony will

  • Celebrate the light in every being
  • Dedicate merit for you and your family
  • Help the Buddha Hall spread the light of Buddha’s teachings on non-violence and interdependence now and for generations to come.
  • Help create peace in our chaotic world
Community photo with Geshe Yeshi Lhundup.