Take a Guided Tour!

Now that the downstairs walls are framed, Ven. Samten can take you on a guided tour of the lower floor, which houses the library, media room, audio-visual control room, and much more. At the same time the framers are pounding away downstairs, work goes on to lay the upper floor and build the outer Faswall walls, block by block, to build the Buddha Hall.

And that’s not all!

Carpenters are at work all over the building site, as they’ve been framing the downstairs rooms and working with the concrete folks to lay the floor for the second story. The Faswall team is also progressing steadily, cutting and placing the blocks that create the outer walls. You can see what the construction team has to contend with to build the Buddha Hall in winter. Go to the Buddha Hall main page to find all update posts. Go to the Buddha Hall video page to see clips of the building process.