Mary Grace Lentz is a long-time student of Venerable Chodron and a good friend of Sravasti Abbey. She left this note after a recent visit:

Finding words to express my gratitude is challenging. If I could show you the change in my heart and mind, even though brief, you would see that all the precepts, vows, ethical conduct, pure study, work, dedication that are kept by each one of you is like pure medicine that heals even the most wayward traveler on the path (like me!) … just when my deluded mind tricks me into thinking that “this path will never work on someone like me!”

I feel a palpable change when I come here. Every time I come, another small crack begins to loosen the mortar around my heart and mind. Sometimes it’s easy to lapse into complaining – but for me, coming here is like a glimpse into the beauty of Buddha nature, and for a time, my practice and mind are strengthened.

True Dharma friends are a precious treasure, especially those that do the hard work. As a Christian friend once said, “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.”

I love you all deeply. Someday, some life, may we all practice together as a Sangha.