Met the Challenge!
Thanks for helping to meet the $250,000 Buddha Hall Jumpstart Challenge a month ahead of the deadline!
We’re rejoicing in the amazing outpouring of support for the Buddha Hall project. You and hundreds of others joined in to match the $250,000 Jumpstart Challenge. Thank you!

Your gift helps to create a place where learning and sharing love, compassion, and wisdom can go on for hundreds of years. See the thank you video embedded below.


We had hoped to start construction in June, but have encountered a few difficulties. These include delays is getting the many necessary permits and supply issues caused by Covid’s effect on the economy. See this video from Venerable Chodron telling the whole story.

We’ll keep you posted

Meanwhile, the Abbey team continues to move forward on our multi-million dollar venture, taking great care to bring all the conditions together with wisdom and compassion.

We’ll keep you informed as the Buddha Hall project unfolds. Your continued support is welcomed—your prayers, your mantra recitations, and your offerings.

Thank you. Together, we’ll build the Buddha Hall. And, together, we create peace in a chaotic world.

Together We'll Build the Buddha Hall