jul16mugs1Hi. My name is Kuni and I visit the Abbey often.

I’ve watched the nuns drive to Spokane and other places to teach Dharma classes over the years.

I began to notice, “Wow, their car is really getting old. Is it safe?”

In rain and snow they drive a 2000 Subaru. It’s aging. But it’s not as old their two other road vehicles: a 1991 Toyota pick-up and a 1997 Chevy truck.

I thought, “We have to get them a new car.” My husband and I thought to get a used, SUV with 4-wheel drive.

Will you help us get a new car for them?

jul16mugs3Rick and I offered beautiful 16-ounce Abbey logo tea mugs to help raise the money. We call the project Mugs for Miles.

Please help buy the car.

You can offer online or by check. Be sure to write “car” in the comments box or memo line.

If you tell us you’d like one (and add funds for shipping), we’ll send you a mug.

Thanks for your help!

Make an offer online or send a check to Sravasti Abbey, P.O. Box 447, Newport, WA 99156. Be sure to write “car” in the comments box or memo line.

Click here to download this 11x17 poster.

Click here to download this 11×17 poster.