Oh virtue, oh virtue!
This great tsunami of goodness
Arising from the pure wish
for reality to come into awareness for all beings
thus unmasking confusion’s schemes
and abolishing fear
utterly demolishes the jungles of suffering.

The blessed speech of the Buddha
Having been imbibed and embodied
By stainless lineages of beings
With minds of infinite compassion
Now with utmost care
Has echoed down to even us derelicts.

Gazing outwardly at existence
The physical realm of worlds and beings
We perceive through so many lenses –
To believe even one being
Has perfectly understood mind’s very nature
Then proclaimed such with eloquence
Intent solely on benefiting all
This the notion of miracle cannot even approach!

Peering inwardly at existence
The immaterial mind of clear knowing
We hardly recognize at all
But nevertheless its fluctuations
Toss us violently from delight to misery –
That a being could tame this wild mind
What joy, the source of true unremitting happiness
Revealed with pristine limpidity!

Undeceiving advice for it to firmly root and flourish
Is avoiding the tumult of myriad harms.
From this mindful restraint gentle ceaseless waves
Of loving-kindness and fresh compassion
Naturally stream forth
Calming the weary mind
Transforming it from presumption to wisdom
Balanced splendidly on the two truths.

by Jonathan Owen