Venerable Thubten Dekyi and Anagarika Dronsel both write poetry as a way to reflect and deepen their Dharma practice. This is especially potent during a silent retreat, when our minds are clearer. They shared some of their poems as part of their morning motivations during Winter Retreat, and here we will share them with you.

By Venerable Dekyi

“Open and Let Go”

Open and let go…this moment will help me grow.
Open and let go…see that impermanence truly is the great equalizer
Open and let go…to a view much bigger than myself
Open and let go…I am so not in control, but that’s ok
Open and let go…and know that I am not alone because I am not separate
Open and let go…because I’m not the only one feeling this way right now
Open and let go…it is the wisest and kindest thing to do
Open and let go…to the infinite causes that bring about this moment
Open and let go…to your unlimited potential
Open and let go…into the vast expanse of the mindfulness
Open and let go…to the truth of continuous change and constant connection
Open and let go…these feelings are not you.

Sky reflection

Looking out at an expanse of clouds and blue sky
I realize I don’t really want to think about the stormy feelings swirling around.
I’ve felt them all before and told the same old story countless times.
Gaining a little space
a little breathing room
between them and the all consuming “ME”
is a relief.

Instead I would rather think about the sky.
The vast and unlimited quality of the mind.
This is a new response motivated by love and wisdom.
To keep nourishing and reflecting on my potential,
not the temporary obscurations that block the true view.
just like the clouds
that seem so dark and big
blocking the sun,
they don’t last.

Why waste this precious life
dwelling on something so temporary
when you have the potential
for everlasting peace?

The answer is obvious…
(drop it darling!)
but my ignorance is thick.

I turn to the sun of wisdom
to help dissolve these clouds
and let my heart shine.

By Anagarika Dronsel


The future me is the current you
The past u is the current me
We are formed by the 4 elements n 5 aggregates, 6 consciousness
Removing them. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
What difference is there between us?


Mind as mind knows no peace
Mind at peace is no mind at all
A body as body knows no ease
A body at ease is no body at all
A self as self knows I without contentment
A self without I is selfless with contentment


I aspire to have uncontrived Bodhicitta
And many times i change habits like a cheetah
People have told me to slow down
But that only makes me frown
Staring into the buddha eyes
I see myself having the ties
Showering love n compassion

As I continue on my path with passion
Deep in the very depth of my heart
I long for dukka for all to part
May 1 day all sentient being’s heart
Free from afflictions and bloom from the mud

Good morning

Everyday we wakeup as a new day
Causes and conditions changes in everyway
Impermanence arises
Changing every moment and bring surprises
The moment that has passed
Cannot be brought back to us
Since it is as such
Cherish our practice while it last