A letter from Heather Duchscher on behalf of Friends of Sravasti Abbey

Join The Pema Chodron Foundation to sponsor the Posadha Room, a very special room inside the Buddha Hall.

Thanks to friends all over the world, the Buddha Hall is coming closer to completion!
Here’s our next opportunity to help: support the Posadha Room!

What is it? The Posadha Room is where monastic ritual unfolds.

It’s where Abbey nuns and monks will perform the ceremonies that maintain a virtuous and harmonious monastic community. And it’s the place for novice ordinations. Read all about the Posadha Room.

Sravasti Abbey is a rare treasure in the West. It’s more than a place for lay practitioners to visit, learn, and study.It’s a refuge in our world where monastic life is growing and flourishing, where nuns and monks from all over the world go to train in the precepts, where all the rites that the Buddha prescribed are practiced.


When the teachings are shared, lived, and preserved in this way, they will remain alive for you and for me for generations to come.

Many gifts and prayers have brought the Buddha Hall this far. Thank you!

With our continued support, the Posadha Room will be dedicated to our beloved Sangha, our guides and mentors on the path.

Let’s support Sravasti Abbey’s mission to build a flourishing monastic community who will spread the Buddha’s teachings of love, compassion, wisdom, and peace. Let’s complete the Posadha Room to help complete the Buddha Hall!
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Heather Duchscher Friends of Sravasti Abbey
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