Prajna House Project June Update

The welcome soundtrack of concrete trucks played behind some of Dagri’s Rinpoche’s June teachings on dependent arising. While the community and guests reveled in Rinpoche’s clear explanation of Lama Tsongkhapa’s sublime text, Eric and the building crew were hard at work laying the foundation for Prajna House. While Rinpoche was here, we requested him to do a Prajna House blessing.

Prajna House is the Abbey’s current construction project. It’s a small, two-story residence for the present abbess, Ven. Thubten Chodron, and future leaders of the community. While the abbess’ present writing studio is cozy, it lacks running water. Ven. Chodron’s students have long wished to build her a proper residence and finally, this year, she agreed. Construction began in June and will take four to five months to complete. Details—including floor plan, budget, and funding info—are here.

The Blessing

Dagri Rinpoche generously accepted our invitation to bless the building and the site. His chanting rang out across the property as he did the Prajna House blessing, making aspirations for Prajna House, the Abbey, and all sentient beings. See photos here.

The prayer he recited in Tibetan was powerful, he told us, and he enumerated four main points:

  •             That all the disciples will always come together
  •             That the teachers and gurus will always come to this place
  •             That the teachings will be continuous for as long as this place exists
  •             That there will always be good food and other things necessary for practice

Prajna House construction is still in the early stages when there are several rounds of pouring concrete. We’ll keep you posted—adding photos and videos to the Prajna House page—as the building rises.

A $100,000 challenge gift kicked off the project with an offer to match all gifts dollar for dollar until August 1. You can make an offering here and view progress on matching the challenge, adding your own aspirations to the Prajna House blessing.