Retreat from Afar

Join a global community that meditates together every day.

What Is It?

Abbey monastics spend every winter in silent retreat. Only a few can join in person, but hundreds meditate in the Retreat from Afar.

Retreat from Afar occurs during the same timeframe as the Abbey winter retreat, and participants meditate on the same topic.

To join in the 2022 Retreat from Afar, you commit to do at least one practice session every day, including one mala (108 recitations) of Medicine Buddha’s mantra.

People love doing Retreat from Afar, and 200-300 people join in every year. It supports “distance meditators” to maintain a regular daily practice, deepen their understanding of the Dharma, and gain insights into their life.

In addition, their practice supports the people doing retreat at the Abbey.

Your voluntary offering generates merit for you and supports the Abbey to continue offer the Dharma freely worldwide.

To sign up:

Want to help fellow retreatants in prison?

Retreat material are emailed to you each week, but there’s no email in prison. Hard copy practice packets are snail-mailed to the prison practitioners. You can support their retreat and make merit by making an offering to support the prison Dharma mailings. Go to the Donate page. Under the drop down called “My donation is for …” choose  “Prison Dharma Fund.” You can add more notes in the Comments box.

2022 Retreat from Afar

Medicine Buddha & Lam rim Meditation

January 6-March 31, 2022

Blue Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha practice is especially effective for developing compassion, love, and bodhicitta, and for physical healing. Through meditating on Medicine Buddha, we come to deeper understanding of healing as we purify the causes of suffering and enhance the causes for lasting happiness.

More details are coming. Meanwhile, get familiar with the Medicine Buddha practice here.


Read about Lynne’s life-changing Retreat from Afar.

Hundreds join in the winter Retreat from Afar.


“My practice is most stable during the Retreat from Afar. I tangibly feel the support of everyone at the Abbey and around the world.”


Susan Mitchell

Cataldo, Idaho

Turkeys, deer, and other wildlife make their winter retreat appearances.

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